News : Marta Galimany’s ‘filming’ with Sir Mo Farah in Font-Romeu

News : Marta Galimany’s ‘filming’ with Sir Mo Farah in Font-Romeu

Farah and Galimany, in a picture shooting in Font-Romeu

Constellation of stars these days at the Font-Romeu High Performance Center. Magnificent facilities at almost 2,000 meters of altitude Founded more than 50 years ago and that are usually the place chosen by top-level athletes to work when the most intense heat arrives. And not only athletes, since it is also a common ‘pilgrimage’ site for swimmers and athletes from other disciplines.

Training at altitude (because of the oxygen) and, in addition, being able to do it right now with a much more pleasant climate than the one that is breathed, for example, on the coast (this weekend they have far exceeded 30 degrees in much of Spain), is something very precious.

All this comes because one of our athletes who is these days preparing for the Games is Marta Galimany, who has been training there for a whole month thinking about the Olympic marathon and exercising in a spectacular environment. From there, his coach, Jordi Toda, posted a picture showing Galimany filming from his back with nothing more and nothing less than the Olympic ‘multi-champion’ Sir Mo Farah. Farah and Marta recently met at the 10,000 European Cup in Birmingham.

Usual pilgrimage site

Everything tells us that they did not meet to shoot together as it may seem from the photo, but that it was Marta doing her training and Farah appeared, that these days he trains there too. The Briton could not achieve the minimum in 10,000 and has until the end of the month to achieve it and try to reissue an Olympic title that seems very very complicated.

She is not the only ‘celebrity’ who trains these days in Font-Romeu, but there are also the Polish Marcin Lewandowski or the Irish Fionnuala McCormack.

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