News : Martín Fiz will attack the World Record of Half Marathon in Barcelona

News :

Martín Fiz will attack the World Record of Half Marathon in Barcelona

Martín Fiz, in a file image
Martín Fiz, in a file image

After achieving throughout this 2019 the World Record of 10 kilometers in route +55 years in Valencia and giving another lesson of what is passion for athletics despite all the 'tralla' that carries on the legs, Martín Fiz has assured that his next challenge will come well soon. It will be during the EDreams Mitja Marató of Barcelona on February 16. Fiz will attack the Half Marathon World Record for over 55 years. Undoubtedly, a very complicated company considering that the record is now at 1:10:23. It was achieved by the American Normand Green on September 20, 1987 in Philadelphia.

The big goal

"I have been the first athlete in the world to win the six ‘majors’ in all categories and this past year I made the 10k World Record at +55. I like records and I'm still passionate about this and now I have several things in mind. I would like to participate next February 16 in the Mitja of Barcelona; They have spoken to me very well, it is a totally flat circuit and there are several groups that can take me to make that world record +55, which is 1:10:23. For the age I am and for the more than 300,000 kilometers I have in my legs I am still at an optimal level, ”said Fiz in the presentation of the Santander Cursa de les Empreses, which will be held this Sunday, December 15 and in the who will participate dressed in a suit and tie.

“When it comes to the half marathon, it’s the biggest goal. The time I have to overcome are large digits and it won't be easy to achieve, ”added the Vitorian, marathon world champion in Sweden now 24 years ago.

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