News : Max Hopp in private: Nothing with glamor! This is how the “Maximiser” lives apart from professional sports

News : Max Hopp in private: Nothing with glamor! This is how the “Maximiser” lives apart from professional sports

If at darts-Tournaments the song “Hey Baby” by DJ Ötzi sounds and the fans sing along loudly, then ER is not far: we’re talking about Max Hopp, one of Germany’s best dart players. In the world rankings of the darts association PDC, Max Hopp is currently in the top 50. But how does the “Maximiser” tick apart from the darts hype?

This is how Max Hopp made the leap to become a darts professional in the PDC

The precision sport of darts shaped Max Hopp, who comes from Idstein im Taunus, not far from Wiesbaden, from childhood. The British darts association BDO acted as the first career station, in 2012 the “Maximiser” switched to the PDC. At the age of 16, the blonde born in the zodiac sign Leo first made a name for itself internationally when the teenager qualified for a Darts World Cup. At the world championship in 2013 the “Maximiser” failed in the first round, but the foundation stone for a promising career in the world darts association PDC was laid. Max Hopp’s previous brilliant moments as a darts player include winning the German Darts Open 2018, winning the title at the PDPA Players Championship 2018 in Dublin and participating in the semi-finals at the PDC European Darts Championship 2018.

Professional darts player Max Hopp has THIS party song as run-in music

Of course, a world-class dart player like Max Hopp cannot do without running-in music – after all, it is a tradition that players can enter the hall to the sounds of their favorite song before a match and let the fans celebrate them. In the beginning, “Levels” by Avicii was Max Hopp’s run-in music, meanwhile Max Hopp’s walk-on to DJ Ötzi’s “Hey Baby” is taking place. In the meantime, “Yaya Kolo” by DJ Kicken was the song that “Maximiser” had chosen for his walk-on.

Max Hopp privately: How does his darts training work?

In his matches, Max Hopp relies on 22 gram arrows from his sponsor Bull’s. Even without throwing darts, darts are always present at Max Hopp: For the Saxon elect, training also includes sessions in the fitness studio, endurance units and conscious nutrition. By the way: Although darts takes up such a large part of his life, Max Hopp also has a “normal” job. The blond boy is a trained wholesale and foreign trade merchant.

Max Hopp in private: This is how the Maximiser lives away from darts tournaments

If Max Hopp is not standing at the oche and throws one 180 after the other, you will probably meet the darts professional in his adopted home, the Vogtland. Here, shortly before the border with the Czech Republic, the native of Hesse and his girlfriend Christin Jahn have found the center of their lives in the village of Kottengrün. Max Hopp’s partner shares the passion of her lover, because Christin Jahn is also a darts player. The couple do not (yet) have children together, but Justin, the son of his friend Christian, is part of the family. Ex Max Hopp revealed that his stepson is also his biggest fan.

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