News : Mayo and Sánchez-Escribano win the Zaragoza National Cross

News :

Mayo and Sánchez-Escribano win the Zaragoza National Cross

Irene and Carlos, winners with authority in Zaragoza

The Toledo Irene Sánchez Escribano and the Aragonese Carlos Mayo have imposed themselves with authority in the 102nd edition of the Spanish Cross Country Championships, and premiered as champions in the circuit of the Linear Park of Plaza on a route of 10,300 meters. The new champions of Spain climbed to the top of the box for the first time in their career in this specialty with a time of 34:26 Irene Sánchez Escribano and with 29:06 Carlos Mayo.

Rhythm devilish from the beginning

Both traced the career strategy since practically from the beginning they set a devilish rhythm that in the case of women no one was able to endure and in the case of men only the Aragonese Toni Abadía did it, although he finally ended up succumbing to the push of his training partner and friend, and Malaga Ouassim Oumaiz, absolute champion the previous year and this time third in the general and first sub-23.

In the first stages of the women's event Irene Sánchez Escribano led a large group that was reeling before the hellish pace of the runner of Castilla-La Mancha that when they had barely reached two kilometers, she was already alone at the head of a race in which the Spanish-Manchego athlete María José Pérez was also in second place, while third was the Castilian-Leon Gema Martín.

Irene Sánchez continued her triumphant march alone while behind there was a fierce fight for second place with Carolina Robles in that position but closely followed by the winner of the last Club Championship of Spain, Paula González Blanco, positions not They changed at the finish line.

Robles and González Blanco cut distances in the final stretch over Irene Sánchez but this one, which had taken a truce given the wide advantage it had, accelerated the pace again to prevent both from getting closer to the point of disturbing it. Carolina Robles finished with a time of 34.37 and Paula González with 34.44.

Level in the male test

In the men's event, the Aragonese couple Mayo-Abadía had already distanced themselves from the first lap, leaving behind a large group of rivals.

With an infernal rhythm, they seemed destined to reach outstanding goals but Abadía could not stand the wake of May and let the victor eventually leave aware that if he tried to follow him, he could burst.

However, behind were squeezing so much that the champion of last year, Nerja Ouassim Oumaiz (sub-23), reached Toni Abadía that seemed to accuse the effort.

Oumaiz passed him and took a few meters of income that seemed to be definitive but Abbey attacked him and moved back second.

The Andalusian repeated attack and again advanced his rival to whom the experience made him keep up the pace and continue at his wake regaining strength to, in the final stretch, raise the pace bluntly and get the silver medal. Fourth was Dani Mateo who took the podium as third best absolute since Oumaiz is sub-23.

Both Abadía and Mayo will try to attack the 10k Spain Record next Sunday in Laredo.

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