News : Mayo, Oukhelfen and Chiki, to mark in Toulon … and Olympic minimum?

News : Mayo, Oukhelfen and Chiki, to mark in Toulon … and Olympic minimum?

Oukhelfen, Mayo and Chiki, for the Olympic minimum in Toulon

This Friday, February 26, a Meeting in Toulon with a spectacular poster. An open-air 5,000 in which three Spanish athletes (Abdessamad Oukhelfen, Chiki Pérez and Carlos Mayo) will participate, three of our best long distance runners of the moment who will try to make a good mark in a test with an Olympic passport in case any of the participants I managed to lower the minimum.

Both Carlos and Chiki, who had a minimum for the Torun European Championship in 3,000 after an exhibition at the International Meeting in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago, decided a long time ago to choose to prepare the Nacional de Cros before fully entering the Fight for the Olympic qualification for 5,000 or 10,000. Well, in fact, the two will try to get it this week in Toulon. The mark to match or lower is 13:13:50. Craziness? “We want to make a personal mark and we are going to try the minimum, of course,” says Chiki Pérez.

Oukhelfen, a great asset

For his part, Carlos assures that “si the question is if i will try: of course the race is mounted for it. Another different thing is that it comes out. But of course, there is a lot of work done in Bronchales and there is no lack of desire, I hope at least to give my PB a good bite ”. And that is the main objective of both, make a personal brand and get sensations. Do not forget that on Sunday 28 they will play the Nacional de Cros in Madrid and that they will go all out for victory.

For his part, Oukhelfen, whom we have barely seen indoors these weeks, already demonstrated last year (the 5,000-year Spanish champion) his worth on the track and is another of the assets to seek that Olympic dream (he has a minimum of 13 : 17: 95). There is time, but if it falls already in February, better than better. By the way, in the starting list we see names as powerful as those of the Gauls Morhad Amdouni, Jimmy Gressier or the Dutch Mike Foppen

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