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Medals Years Later - Ceremonies with Bitter Taste - Sports

Finally, athletes can celebrate on a big stage if they later receive a medal - as now Ariane Friedrich. But the ceremonies are reminiscent of the big deficits in the anti-doping fight.

It feels a bit like planning the wedding menu. Option one would be the asparagus soup for starters, which is served on the terrace, before the party for the roast venison in the castle hall continues. Or maybe option two, with kale risotto and flying dessert? That is now the new twist, the guardians of world sports have come up with: Who receives a medal later, because an athlete in the results list in front of him in investigations with banned speed makers is flown, who can assemble his subsequent winner ceremony itself.

Meanwhile, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) proposes six variants for the replacement ceremony: from a tribute at the games to a celebration in a small circle. On request, even with IOC President Thomas Bach as best man, uh, pardon, medal overreach.

And that is also laudable: that the sports associations finally offer the big stage to recreate a moment that never happened before. Previously, they sent the medals unadorned by mail. The German shotgun Nadine Kleinert rose so retrospectively to the world champion in a sad discipline: 13 packets with new plaques they received, she has calculated once. So today the big chapel.

Economic and emotional consequences

For the first time in 2017, the IAAF World Athletics Federation honored athletes in the festive corset of its World Championships. Former heptathlete Jessica Ennis-Hill stood on the highest rung of the podium with a baby belly. Hammer thrower Betty Heidler took her silver medal from the 2012 games last in a small circle, javelin thrower Christina Obergföll even had to wait until last weekend before she received her silver at a small ceremony in her native Offenburg, because the Russian doped Maria Abakumowa Beijing in 2008 was. High jumper Ariane Friedrich has again chosen the larger version: during the Istaf meeting this Sunday in the Berlin Olympic Stadium - where she finished third in the World Championships in 2009, which has since become the second place.

In fact, all these episodes also tell us that associations like the IAAF are now tackling their fraud problem more seriously - even though athletics champion Seb Coe had little left after his predecessor was overtaken by serious corruption allegations. Russia's association, whose athletes cause the most redistribution, is still locked in international competitions. Other associations - including the big IOC - were already more lenient.

But in the end, every tribute is also one of bitter taste: the next generation suffer under the economic fraud, because they were prevented as a prevented medal winners many subsidies; And then there are the emotional consequences, because life is not a picture in which one erases and years later paints a new moment. The biggest problem Betty Heidler has recently addressed again: "That those countries that are familiar with manipulation "The investigators are not one, but several steps ahead." Part of that is probably even wanted, because some sports leaders rather keep the true extent of the pharmaceutical problem for themselves. Also reminiscent of any belated ceremony, in London, Offenburg, Berlin.

Athletics On the way to the memorial

On the way to the memorial

Christian Coleman, currently the fastest 100-meter sprinter in the world, is threatened with a suspension - it would be the next fall of sin in a circle from which so far only Usain Bolt has been spared.Comment by Johannes Knuth

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