News : Megan Rapinoe shoots the US in the World Cup semi-final: She is the boss here

News :

Megan Rapinoe shoots the US in the World Cup semi-final: She is the boss here

Anticipated finale: A popular prejudice of deluded critics is each U15 team male Bundesliga side would be against each Women's World Cup team win easily. If there was a chance for insight, this game would have to be shown as a counter-proof in continuous loop. Speed, athleticism, defensive behavior, aggression, tactical understanding - it was an absolutely impressive football match between World Cup host France and World Champion USA.

The result: The USA drew with a 2-1 (1-0) victory in the World Cup semi-final, here you read the match report.

First half: The game started for the French as they absolutely wanted to avoid: with an early goal. Megan Rapinoe brought a free-kick from the left flank and hard in front of the goal, the ball slipped through the legs of France captain Amandine Henry and so keeper Sarah Bouhaddi could not react on the line (5th minute). The hosts did not recover well from this gap, they ran tirelessly, but they did not manage to score any goals. And the USA? Failing to play more consistently forward, which was also due to the moderate form of top striker Alex Morgan.

Ellis' plan works: Grant Wahl is one of the most prolific football journalists in the US. Two hours before the start of the game, he tweeted about the lineup and wrote that Lindsey Horan was sitting on the bench. Such leaks are not rare, in which case it sparked a debate among American experts about trainer Jill Ellis. Representative Julie Ertz is not strong enough, Horan must play as one of the best midfielder in the world in principle. Due to the early lead, the game idea of ​​the coach went on. Ertz, known as an excellent pressing player, stood very low and played a large part in the defensive superiority of the Americans in the first round.

She is the boss here: In the days leading up to this quarter-final, one player dominated the headlines. Megan Rapinoe had already expressed her opinion on US President Donald Trump and the US political situation, but even a repeat ("I'm not going to the fuckin 'White House.") One of the most important faces of the LGBTQ movement and fighter for Equal rights receive a lot of attention. Trump answered a little later and demanded her respect. At Rapinoe this discussion seems to pass without a trace - because she became the matchwinner with her second goal. And their iconic jubilation is likely to go down as the history of Brandi Chastain in the US title in 1999.

Brandi Chastain after the World Cup victory in 1999


Brandi Chastain after the World Cup victory in 1999

Second half: Until Rapinoe was able to strike for the second time, the US team had to survive its first difficult phase of the game. France coach Corinne Diacre had the French side attacking more on the left side, and also made some playoffs to the favorites, which had not happened in the first half. The best chance to equalize was awarded to Eugénie Le Sommer, who made a short-range extra to the outside net (58 '). US coach Ellis reacted in turn and brought the spurned Horan (63). Only three minutes later, the 2: 0: Morgan fit in their best scene in the barrel of Tobin Heath, the outside winger pulled into the box and fits in the back of the defense to Rapinoe, who shot free-standing.


Hope carrier Renard: On the French side in the course of the tournament Wendie Renard had grown into a role similar to Rapinoe: top star, goalscorer, leader. Renard had hit twice in the opening game against South Korea and thus created a spirit of optimism. It was not surprising that the defender brought back France in the 81st minute with a header from France. There was plenty of time left to equalize and move into extra time - but the US had regained its defensive stability and missed out on another big opportunity. With Renard now a big star says goodbye to this World Cup.

How will things continue at the World Cup? The hosts are out - something can beat at a World Cup ever on the mood. But that's not to be expected, as most of the tickets outside France were sold to the United States. In the semi-finals next Tuesday England (21 clock live ticker SPIEGEL ONLINE), then back home atmosphere for the defending champion.

France - USA 1: 2 (0: 2)
0: 1 Rapinoe (5th)
0: 2 Rapinoe (65.)
1: 2 Renard (81.)
France: Bouhaddi - Torrent, Mbock Bathy, Renard, Majri - Henry, Thiney, Bussaglia - Diani, Gauvin (Cascarino 76), Le Sommer (Asseyi 82)
UNITED STATES: Nearby - O'Hara, Dahlkemper, Sauerbrunn, Dunn - Lavelle (Horan 63), Ertz, Mewis (Lloyd 82) - Heath, Morgan, Rapinoe (Press 88)
Referee: Monzul (UKR)
Yellow cards: Mbock Bathy, Bussaglia / -
Spectator: 45595

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