News : Megan Youngren, the first transsexual to participate in the USA trials

News :

Megan Youngren, the first transsexual to participate in the USA trials

Megan Youngren, first 'trans' to participate in the USA 'trials'

Nice story that comes to us from the United States. Undoubtedly, an example of inclusion and that little by little doors are opening for all groups and removing barriers in sport. The protagonist is Megan Youngren, who was one of the 63 athletes qualified last December 8 for the ‘Trials’ of the US marathon in search of a place for the Tokyo Olympics. Megan finished in position 40 with a mark of 2:43:53, enough to get the passport to these North American qualifiers after four months of specific preparation. It will be, in this way, the first transsexual to participate in these marathon championships on February 29.

Since 2019 officially as a woman

“I’m open to talk about it with people because that’s the only way you can make progress on things like this,” says Youngren, who finalized efforts to transition to women in 2019 after Start taking hormonal medications in 2011 and declare yourself publicly transsexual one year later. "To my knowledge, and after talking with other staff who have been with USATF for many years, we don't remember a trans competitor in our marathon tests," says spokeswoman Susan Hazzard.

Notably Chris Mosier was recently the first transsexual to participate in the ‘Olympic Trials’. He participated in the 50 kilometer march test in Santee, California. "For me it is about paving the way for all the" trans "athletes that will come after me." In 2013 Youngren started running to lose weight and balance his health after his body's transition and he started running mountain tests for fun. Running helped her endure and relieve some pain that appeared.

Megan started running in 2014

In 2014 it was already running regularly, but still without a defined plan or structure. Youngren completed his first marathon in 2017. It was the Equinox Marathon at Fairbank at a rate of 04:48 per kilometer and he enjoyed it so much he didn't want to stop. In the Los Angeles Marathon last year she managed to significantly lower her mark (3:06:42) and it was that improvement that prompted her to go one step further and seek the goal of lowering the three hours.

At that time Megan was working in a bakery and had it very complicated to combine it with her workouts. When it closed, he had more time to run and reached the figure of 85 weekly miles. “I thought that if I worked incredibly hard and took some huge risks, I could get down from 2:45. People will try to take away from it by saying that I am ‘trans’ and it's easier for me, but I trained hard, got lucky and dodged the wounds.

The policy on transgender brokers

The regulation of some races regarding the participation of transgender athletes has been made more flexible, although it is still far from normalizing. In April 2018, the Boston Marathon updated its policy on transgender runners, stating that athletes can qualify and participate in the marathon as their identified gender. Western States Endurance Run, a 100-mile historic race in California, launched a transgender participant policy that states that incoming transgender women they can register to compete as women, provided they have undergone continuous hormonal treatment medically supervised for at least one year before.

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