News : Mehmet Scholl: Bayern legend explains radically why son Lucas failed

News : Mehmet Scholl: Bayern legend explains radically why son Lucas failed

“Prevented multi-millionaire”: Mehmet Scholl honestly: Why son Lucas failed at Bayern

A few years ago, under coach Pep Guardiola, Lucas Scholl stood on the threshold of the professionals at FC Bayern. Today he is playing in the second Austrian league at the age of 24. His father, soccer legend Mehmet Scholl, is now relentlessly talking about the reasons.

A little bit, said Lucas Scholl almost a year ago, at the beginning of 2020, a little bit he certainly represents the classic crash story.

Under Pep Guardiola on the threshold of the professionals of FC Bayern, today with 24 at SV Horn in the 2nd Austrian league, a football life in the province, low-class, relatively underpaid and with the subjunctive as a cardinal question. The famous father says it.

“I talk to my son very, very openly. And I tell him very openly: You are a prevented multi-millionaire. With the skills you can play and what comes out of it in the end,” says football legend Mehmet Scholl in the “picture” podcast “phrase mower”. Lucas has “many wasted years”, and above all he has: wasted talent.

“Guardiola said: Mehmet, your son has great skills”

It all started so promisingly. The look alone: ​​a decal of Mehmet, who played for Bayern Munich from 1992 to 2007, many titles, many injuries, a lot of FC Hollywood, a wild life.

Lucas inherited sporting genes, went through the Bayern youth, U16, U17, U19. Then he was allowed to train “upstairs” under star coach Guardiola, as it always means, upstairs, that’s the elite of the A-team, and looking back, Scholl junior has to admit that he thought he was too anchored up there too soon. And, conversely, no longer: below.

“After the first training session, Pep said: Mehmet, your son has great skills,” reports the ex-international. In an interview with “Sport Bild” the Filius remembered a conversation with Guardiola, who said: “Lucas, you can do everything in football, but you have to change your head.”

Mehmet Scholl speaks openly about the crash of his son Lucas

Lucas Scholl was 17, “immature, still a child” and “didn’t understand at all what he wanted from me”. The offensive player took the U19 units “no longer seriously” after the first Pep experiences, and felt “under-challenged” because “everything went much slower” in training. “Then I stopped trying. A mistake.”

Mehmet Scholl describes it as follows in the “Bild” podcast:

The upbringing has stopped. The education for success, the education for torment, the education to absolutely want to make it – and not on your terms, but on the conditions that are needed to get to the top. That has to be educated. And that wasn’t done anymore. When a child sits together with Lothar Matthäus, he says the same thing, with Bastian Schweinsteiger, Dad is still Mehmet, and he is still looking for another way – then at some point I got out.

Lucas had “really two or three disastrous coaches, but that shouldn’t really stop you on the way up”. Especially since the father himself was not an easy-care case, sometimes a “boob”, as he admits.

Mehmet Scholl relentlessly: “There is Lucas at 30 percent”

Nevertheless, Scholl was even European champion and Champions League winner, after his career he coached the Bayern amateurs. In keeping with this, the now 50-year-old mentions his three components for player evaluation – using the example of his son, bluntly.

First of all, I look at: What can he technically, tactically, how does he stop, how does he fit, how does someone dribble, how does he behave? Lucas is at 100 percent. The second area is physical: what is your athleticism like, what is your physique, what is your endurance? There it is at 60 percent. And the most important area: what is the character like? How does a player react when things get tight? Is he getting better, does he lean up, does he give a shovel, or does he break away? And Lucas is at 30 percent.

Scholl knows that this sounds harsh, “I’m not pounding my child, but how should I analyze it any other way? I can’t analyze it any other way than the way it is. It is reality, it is a fact.”

The Scholl offspring left Bavaria in January 2017, six months after Guardiola, he moved to Wacker Nordhausen, in January 2020 to VfR Garching and in August of the same year to Horn. A tour of the villages instead of champagne football in the Allianz Arena.

Lucas Scholl: “It couldn’t get any worse”

Shortly before the last transfer so far, he admitted: “I’ve had so many slips now, it can hardly get any worse.” In Austria Scholl plays (regularly), 16 appearances, zero goals, two assists; Papa Mehmet is already whispering in his ear and his sighing résumé: “With the Skills.”

By the way, there was a time when Lucas Scholl trained under Mehmet Scholl, back then with Bayern. How did that go? “I always say: He had his best year as a footballer with me in the U13”, Mehmet notes. “And that was our worst year as father-son. It really was like that.”

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