News : Mehmet Scholl reveals how Uli Hoeneß helped him out of the greatest crisis in life at Bavaria

News : Mehmet Scholl reveals how Uli Hoeneß helped him out of the greatest crisis in life at Bavaria

“You’re losing your last friend”: Scholl reveals how Hoeneß helped him out of the greatest crisis in his life

Mehmet Scholl became a legend at FC Bayern from 1992 to 2007, but things didn’t always go uphill: In Scholl’s worst year 1996, with both private and sporting turbulence, it was Uli Hoeneß who was the soccer star’s “last friend” in Munich stands by your side.

In the “Bild” podcast “Phrasenmower”, Mehmet Scholl looks back at his career and speaks openly about the low point in 1996. Son Lucas is born, the marriage breaks up, “the soul is sick”, things are bad at Bayern, Scholl is injured , and somehow he’s finished too.

At 26 he becomes a rebel:

I behaved like shit, was disrespectful to people, went around the houses at night, I didn’t care. And Bavaria actually wanted to get rid of me at the end of 1996.

In this phase, his greatest life crisis, Scholl supported a man who had previously served him as a kind of fatherly friend. Quite classic, challenge and encourage, carrot and stick.

With Mehmet Scholl, Uli Hoeneß was always a bit stricter because he asked more of him than of others. Even more. Conversely, Hoeneß was more self-conscious, even more sentimental, in Scholl matters, although he would hardly admit it.

Scholl: “Hoeneß was the last one who really stuck to me”

So at the end of 1996 “Uli Hoeneß became the decisive man – he basically told me that I was losing my last friend at Bayern,” says Scholl today.

He was the last one who really stood by me and defended me – but he also really made my ears hot: If I keep going like this, I can look for a new club.

The then Bayern manager “didn’t have to fight for me with others, I had to do that myself,” emphasized the 50-year-old looking back. “I had to change my behavior myself, that’s what I did. Then I got well and played well again. So everything dissolved.”

Instead of a change as an escape, especially from himself, Scholl stayed another eleven years in Munich, where he won eight championships, five DFB cups as well as the Champions League and World Cup. Scholl won the European Championship title with the national team – in the summer of 1996, a few months before the almost bang.

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