News : Members' meeting of VfB Stuttgart breaks off due to technical problems

News :

Members' meeting of VfB Stuttgart breaks off due to technical problems

The management crisis of VfB Stuttgart around the controversial President Wolfgang Dietrich takes on bizarre features. Shortly before the vote on his deselection on the agenda, the 70-year-old broke the general meeting on Sunday amidst the loud whistles of several supporters - because the technology went on strike. Previously, the approximately 4,500 attendees had repeatedly tried in vain to log in with their cell phones in an extra Wi-Fi WLAN of the Stuttgart stadium to participate in voting.

The VfB responsible did not get the problems under control, which also could not be voted on the deselection of Dietrich. This is another "black day" in the club's history so soon after the descent, said Dietrich, whose words in the whistles and abuse of the audience were sometimes hard to understand. "We therefore have no choice but to determine that it is unfortunately not possible to continue the event properly." Of course, a new General Assembly will be convened promptly.

Assembly postponed to mid-September

At the earliest, a new general meeting can be called in three weeks, said a VfB spokesman on Sunday evening. But since this appointment is in the summer holidays of Baden-Württemberg, one does not want to expect that from the members. "That's why we plan to hold the general assembly in mid-September."

Such a breakdown has never existed in the history of the Swabians. The technical problems aroused all the more displeasure of the present members, because through them also the vote over Dietrichs future was dropped. In numerous speeches they had previously pronounced majority against the criticized club chief. For a deselection of the 70-year-olds would have to vote according to VfB statute at least 75 percent.

Loss of 11.7 million euros in the past financial year

The General Assembly ended without the eagerly awaited sixth agenda item. CFO Stefan Heim had previously announced a loss of VfB Football AG of EUR 11.7 million for the 2018 financial year. With regard to the entire relegation season 2018/19, the Swabians under their ex-sports director Michael Reschke transfer expenses in the amount of about 61 million euros - more than ever before in a season. The commitment of Reschke in the summer of 2017 was one reason why Dietrich was criticized by some of the followers.

Death threats against Dietrich

According to the criminal police, there had recently been death threats against Dietrich. Nevertheless, the 70-year-old was convinced until recently that a majority would have voted for him. "The damage that the few are doing with it is great," he said in a speech on Sunday. "There is a saying: If the team wins, it was the coach." If the team loses, it was the president. "

Somewhat surprisingly was that from the leadership team of the Swabians had pleaded only Dietrich's Presidium colleague Bernd Gaiser clearly against a vote. The board around sports director Thomas Hitzlsperger had held back to that effect. Dietrich is still elected President of VfB until 2020. The request for his election should also be on the agenda for the next General Assembly in September.

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