News : Merillas flies to break the record for ascent and descent to Teide

News : Merillas flies to break the record for ascent and descent to Teide

Merillas, upon arrival after destroying the Record in Tenerife / Info Trail

Spectacular what the ‘trail runner’ Manuel Merillas did this Thursday. The same one that a few months ago achieved three Mountain Records in three days: the Ordizia-Txindoki-Ordizia speed record, popularly called the Basque Matterhorn, the Pedraforca record, and the record for climbing the imposing Garmo Negro in the Aragonese Pyrenees. Well, Merillas disguised himself as ‘Inhuman’ again to beat the Record of the ‘Route 040’, a route that the region has promoted and that consists of going up and down Mount Teide from sea level, specifically from the Socorro beach on the Canary Island. Total, Merillas dedicated 5h36’18 ”, 36 minutes less than the record achieved just a few days ago by Pau Capell.

An atrocity

An outrageous record of this Castilian-Leonese mountain runner, who It also broke the record for the climb to Teide, held by Agustí Roc since 2003, as reported by the companions of ‘Territory Trail’. Merillas climbed to the highest peak in Spain in 3h28’55 ‘. Almost nothing.

As soon as he reached Playa del Socorro he spoke for ‘Info Trail’. “I think I have made it clear that I am a legal uncle and I do things well. I have seen a tough route in its first 22-23km of ascent, the monotony of the stride is not my thing and it made me somewhat hard. It has relieved me a lot to see how changing and beautiful the landscape is, I have been very distracted by that and I was able to face it in the best way ”, he commented, adding that“ I never noticed the height, the higher I climbed the better I felt. Down I was climbing at a pace of 1500 + / hour, then I lowered the pace and in the last meters of unevenness I was able to hold the pace very well and finish in less than 3h30. On the way down I saved a bit because the shoes I have no longer have chicha and also felt like a hint of blisters that in the end I didn’t have ”.

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