News : Michael Schumacher aktuell: Son Mick explains: That's why Schumi's private life is secret

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Michael Schumacher aktuell: Son Mick explains: That's why Schumi's private life is secret

racer Mick Schumacher takes on the protection of their own privacy Father Michael as a model. "Private life is also very important to me, keeping the private really private, in which my father is very good, that was always top priority for him," said the 20-year-old Schumacher in an interview with the "Süddeutsche Zeitung": "For me that's the way it is, this is the place where I can let go and recover energy. "

Mick Schumacher looks at tricks with father Michael Schumacher

Of course, during his job as a racing driver, the Formula 2 driver was also heavily influenced by the Formula One world champion in his own family. "There are many aspects where I say: Wow, that was just how he did it," said Schumacher, who has taken tricks from his father: "For example, I pay attention to how he solved certain situations . "

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Michael Schumacher has inherited his temperament to son Mick Schumacher

But Schumacher also decided to go his own way. "I think it's important to make mistakes of your own, but if I know how to react in some situations and avoid big mistakes, that's better, of course," said Schumacher Jr., "I think there is to learn something from him for me, we have a similar temperament. "

Mick Schumacher wants to build on Formula 2 victory

Mick Schumacher has the beginning of Month celebrated its first victory in the most important motorsport junior series Formula 2, This weekend he will compete for the Italian Prema team in Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium. The big goal of the youngster is to make the leap into Formula 1 in the coming years.

Michael Schumacher State of the Art: After a skiing accident he lives in seclusion

Up to date news regarding the state of health of Michael sSchumacher Schumi fans wait in vain. Since September 2014, Schumacher has been recovering from an accident in his adopted home town of Gland on Lake Geneva, which has changed his life. On December 29, 2013, he suffers from a fall in the ski resort near the French Méribel a severe traumatic brain injury.

PHOTOS: Michael Schumacher These people accompanied his career

"You can be sure that he is in the best of hands and that we are doing everything we can to help him," Schumacher's family wrote to the Kerpener's fan base on the occasion of his 50th birthday in January. With that the fans have to be satisfied.

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