News : Michael Schumacher aktuell: touching announcement! THIS news inspire Schumi fans

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Michael Schumacher aktuell: touching announcement! THIS news inspire Schumi fans

In 1991, Michael Schumacher made his Formula 1 debut. Picture: dpa

Gave 28 years ago Michael sSchumacher be at the Grand Prix of Belgium Formula 1-Debut. His first race in the premier class, he completed in a Jordan 191. At the start of a great career now reminds Schumis family on the Facebook page of the record world champion. But that's not all.

Michael Schumacher News on Facebook: Schumi family commemorates Formula One debut in 1991

"Jordan 191 - the car with which Michael Schumacher made his Formula One debut 28 years ago today can be seen here in the exhibition at Motorworld," reads the article. Schumi fans can now marvel at Schumi's first Formula 1 racing car in the exhibition. Fittingly, there are also new emojis by Michael Schumacher in the Schumoji app. Fans are excited.

You can not see the Facebook post? Then along here.

"I loved this car", "I love 94 as a child" or "A beautiful car that was driven by the greatest pilot", the comments in the comments say: The Schumi fans However, they also suggest more emotional tones.

Michael Schumacher: No news about Schumis current state of health

Since his heavy skiing accident in December 2013, Formula One legend Michael Schumacher has become calm. The Formula 1 champion is screened by the public to protect his privacy. There is no current news about his state of health. The last statement was made by Schumi manager Sabine Kehm in May 2019, when it became known that the life of Michael Schumacher came to the screen as a movie.

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Fans sad! Michael Schumacher is painfully missing

"What could he give for great comments, analyze races - I miss the human Schumi", writes a fan in the Facebook post. "I just can not forget you, I've been waiting for every race, no one could understand how important you've been to me and still are," says another. The pain is deep with the fans. "There were and are many talented German riders, but none is as authentic as Michael, he accompanied us for a very long time, there were no other dates where a race was held with him, I miss him a lot and would have liked to see him as his son's manager ", it says in another comment.

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