News : Michael Schumacher for treatment in Paris clinic: Todt visited Schumi probably

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Michael Schumacher for treatment in Paris clinic: Todt visited Schumi probably

German Formula 1 legend: 45 minutes in hospital: Ex-Ferrari boss Todt visits Schumi in Paris

Ex-Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher is, according to the French newspaper "Le Parisien" since Monday in the prestigious European Hospital Georges Pompidou in Paris. There he should undergo an anti-inflammatory treatment based on stem cell infusions.

Also the usually well-informed sports medium "RMC Sport" reports that it has confirmed Schumacher's stay. According to the report of "Le Parisien", Schumacher was taken on Monday afternoon in an ambulance from the Swiss city of Geneva to the heart and vascular surgery department of the Paris Hospital. Schumacher is resident in Switzerland.

Schumacher: Jean Todt visited former world champion on Tuesday

As reported by "Le Parisien" on Wednesday, Schumacher was visited by Jean Todt at the Paris Hospital: On Tuesday, the current FIA boss was at the clinic for about three quarters of an hour at Schumacher.

Todt is very close to the family and visited Schumacher several times in his house in Switzerland.

Michael Schumacher is to be treated in this Parisian hospital

Michael Schumacher: Under the greatest secrecy, he was transferred to Paris

Under the greatest safety precautions, the former world champion was delivered to the hospital on Monday at 15:40: During transport, his body was covered with a cloth, and he was also registered with a false name.

The former Formula 1 world champion will undergo an experimental treatment by Professor Philippe Menasché in the clinic, the report goes on to say. An unspecified infusion of stem cells should therefore cause an anti-inflammatory effect throughout the body. The former Formula 1 star is expected to leave the hospital on Wednesday already. Schumacher is said to have been in the clinic twice before.

Michael Schumacher - the Formula 1 legend

Michael Schumacher drove in the period from 1991 to 2006 and from 2010 to 2012 in a total of 307 Grand Prix of the World Cup.

To this day, he holds the records of seven world championship titles, 91 victories, 155 podium finishes and 77 fastest race laps. However, he had to surrender: His record of 68 pole positions surpassed Lewis Hamilton in September 2017.

Schumacher knows only the closest confidants

The now 50-year-old had crashed on 29 December 2013 while skiing above Méribel in the French Alps. Schumacher, who suffered a tibia fracture in Formula One at his worst accident in 1999, had hit his head on a rock. Despite a helmet, he suffered a severe traumatic brain injury.

After the accident Schumacher floated in the University Hospital of Grenoble for days in mortal danger, for weeks he was kept in an artificial coma. Since September 2014 he is shielded from the public in his house in the Swiss Gland. Since then, only his closest associates know how he is doing.

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FIA boss Todt saw with Schumacher race of son Mick on TV

In July, FIA boss Jean Todt said in an interview with "RMC Sport" that the former world champion continues to fight. Together with the racing legend he also watched a Formula 2 race of Schumacher son Mick on TV.

"It's a very good thing for Michael, who lives with his family in his house between Geneva and Lausanne," says Todt in July. The FIA ​​boss is one of the few people allowed to visit Schumacher in his residence.

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