News : Michael Schumacher: Schumi Insider: THIS Schumi accident proves its uniqueness

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Michael Schumacher: Schumi Insider: THIS Schumi accident proves its uniqueness

Without his team, Michael Schumacher would not have been so successful. Picture: dpa

Michael sSchumacher is the most successful driver in the Formula 1-History. He secured the world title seven times and was on the podium 155 times. But for the success Schumacher is not alone responsible. ex-FerrariTeam boss Stefano Domenicali tells in the podcast "Beyond Victory" by Nico Rosberg, why just a broken leg shows the reason why Schumi was so successful.

Michael Schumacher: broken leg shows deep connection to the Ferrari team

"It has always impressed me deeply, as he has never accused Ferrari, even if he had the opportunity," says Domenicali in the podcast. "I remember the year 1999 at Silverstone, where he broke his leg in an accident." Shortly after the start of the British Grand Prix, the brakes failed and Schumi crashed into a pile of tires. He broke his right lower leg and had to suspend for six races.

In an accident at Silverstone Schumi was injured in 1999. Picture: dpa

"The crash was due to a failure on the brakes, but Michael never heard of anything negative, he never once mentioned that we made a mistake as a team, and all of them made things harder for him." Domenicali continues.

Never satisfied! Schumi as a perfectionist in Formula 1

Blame for the Ferrari team did not exist at Schumi. The team stood firmly behind their champion. "Michael was never satisfied, he was always trying to get the team moving forward, he did not miss a detail to improve the car or alert the technicians to a part of the area where we could still gain weight," Domenicali continues. "He was a pioneer in the multifunction steering wheel, benefiting from this groundwork in Formula One all of today."

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