News : Michael Schumacher: The racing car from his Formula 1 debut is now for sale

News : Michael Schumacher: The racing car from his Formula 1 debut is now for sale

He drove it on its debut in Spa: Jordan 191 Ford: Michael Schumacher’s first racing car is sold for millions

Michael Schumacher celebrated his Formula 1 debut at the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix in Spa-Francorchamps. His racing car at the time, the green Jordan 191 Ford, is now for sale and will change hands. Schumi fans around the world indulge in nostalgia.

Since the actual driver of the Jordan team, Bertrand Gacot, had been suspended by the team boss, the then 22-year-old Schumacher was allowed to replace him and celebrate his debut in Formula 1.

In the green Jordan 191 Ford, Schumi rushed sensationally to seventh place in qualifying in Spa, but the clutch failed on the first lap of the race.

Jordan 191 Ford is voted the most beautiful Formula 1 car

This Formula 1 racing car from 1991, which was voted the most beautiful Formula 1 car of all time by the British newspaper “The Telegraph”, is now for sale for a sum of 1.45 million euros. The English specialist company “Speedmasters Cars” takes care of the handling.

James Hanson, the owner of the company, told “Bild” that he had bought the car from an American and that it still drives perfectly.

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More about Michael Schumacher

How is Michael Schumacher? One of the very few who knows an answer to this question is Jean Todt, one of Schumi’s closest friends from Formula 1 days at Ferrari. As the Frenchman now reveals, he visits Schumacher “at least twice a month.” I don’t leave him alone.

In 2013, a skiing accident changed Michael Schumacher’s life. The family remains true to itself. Information about the state of the Formula 1 legend has been withheld for a long time. Schumi fans will probably never find out anything more precise.



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