News : Michael Schumacher: We will never find out how he is doing for two reasons

News : Michael Schumacher: We will never find out how he is doing for two reasons

Skiing accident in 2013: Michael Schumacher: We will never find out how he is doing for two reasons

It was almost seven years ago. The accident that changed Michael Schumacher’s life. The family remains true to itself. Information about the state of the Formula 1 legend has been withheld for a long time. Schumi fans will probably never find out anything more precise.

December 29, 2013, shortly after 11 a.m. in the French Alps above Méribel, when one of the most famous Germans suddenly disappears from the scene.

After falling on the ski slope, Michael Schumacher suffers a severe traumatic brain injury with such serious consequences that he has not been seen in public since then.

It was almost six years ago that the most successful Formula 1 driver had a skiing accident. Almost six years in which millions of fans have not given up hope. Almost six years during which the family categorically protects the privacy of the father of two.

Schumi lives isolated on Lake Geneva

The question hovers over everything: How is he? A question that has remained unanswered to this day – and will probably remain so.

The last detailed communication on Schumacher’s condition comes from September 2014, when Schumacher was transferred home to Lake Geneva after six and a half months in the Grenoble University Hospital and a further three months in the Lausanne University Hospital.

Schumacher had “made progress in the past weeks and months according to the severity of his injury, but there is still a long and hard road ahead of him,” it said at the time.

Since then, Schumacher has been located in his Swiss estate in Gland on Lake Geneva. All necessary measures were taken to enable him to rehab there in the secluded circle of his family.

How much Schumacher can influence his life after his traumatic brain injury, the day-long fight against death and the weeks of artificial coma, are questions that are not intended to be answered for the public.

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Policy of absolute secrecy

The policy of absolute secrecy should be in the interests of today’s 50-year-old. Even before his accident, Schumacher protected his privacy and that of his family with all (legal) means. Wife Corinna and manager Sabine Kehm strictly continue this.

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There are two main reasons why not even small water level reports are given, even if there is huge interest in them.

Fluctuations are quite normal

On the one hand, due to the complexity of brain injuries, as in Schumacher’s case, almost no reliable prognoses can be made. Each of these injuries takes its very own course, and at a certain point, predictions can no longer be made reliably. Not even from the best and most expensive doctors in the world.

In addition, changes in the state of health are only announced by the Schumachers – if at all – if they are decisive and sustainable. Fluctuations are quite normal, one day may be better than the previous one – and the next morning things can look completely different again.

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A new explanation every day?

On the other hand, as a representative of the Schumacher family, Kehm only wants to inform the public when there is new, concrete hope for a decisive improvement.

If the manager were to issue a press release on the specific state of Schumacher today, she would probably have to do the same tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow. The principle becomes clear.

That’s why you may never know how the world-famous and revered Formula 1 legend is really doing. Even five years after the terrible accident, it is the family’s right to deal with it that way.

Even the most worried among Schumacher’s fans have to come to terms with this.

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