News : Minimum for the Doha World Cup by Adrián Ben at a Meeting in Barcelona passed by water

News :

Minimum for the Doha World Cup by Adrián Ben at a Meeting in Barcelona passed by water

Thick black clouds were welcoming the hundreds of athletes who were slowly making their presence at the Municipal Stadium Joan Serrahima to play a Barcelona Meeting that had a high-level poster. It was feared the worst and after the first finals B an impressive stream of water has fallen accompanied by thunder and an occasional thunderbolt. There have been a couple of stoppages, the longest before the Final B of 1,500 began. With 30 'of delay the competition has resumed and around the 20:30 they have begun the finals To with the 1,500 feminine one. But The real protagonist of the afternoon was the Galician Adrián Ben, which has achieved the minimum in 800.

Carrerón with Ben's meteoric end

After a European sub'23 to forget and when you could think that the Lugo would be emotionally touched, the truth is that Ben has scored a carrerón that has culminated with a 1.45.78 that exceeded by two hundredths the minimum for the Doha World Cup. Explosion of happiness for an athlete of only 20 years and who has dazzled among the thunder of the Serrahima. In this 800 has imposed the athlete of Djibouti Souleiman, one of the most outstanding worldwide. Álvaro de Arriba has been seventh (1.46.16) ahead of the recent European champion of 1500 sub'23 Ignacio Fontes.

In the male 1,500 Kevin López has had to retire for some inconvenience and the best Spanish was Llorenç Sales with 3.40.76 (the minimum is 3.36.00).

Personal Brand of a Car in state of grace

Tremendous poster had the masculine 5,000 with the presence of the brand new Record of Spain of 3,000 obstacles Fernando Carro and of high-level runners like Chiki Pérez, Carlos Mayo or David Palacio. Carro has gone from less to more and has ended up clenching its teeth despite the accumulated fatigue of these days achieving Personal brand in the distance with 13.35.68. The second best Spanish has been a great Raúl Celada with 13.48.17. In the 3,000 obstacles Dani Arce, who already has the minimums for Doha and Tokyo, has won the test with solvency (8.24.16). Samu García has been the best national runner (fourth) in the 400 slots with 46.83. Lucas Búa, seventh with 49.11.

The weather has marked a long jump in which Eusebio Cáceres has won (7.63) and in which Héctor Santos, one of the sensations of the season, has not been able to make any valid jump with an impracticable corridor. Dídac Salas (5.31) has taken the pole vault.

Esther and Zoya, without minimum at the moment

In the female category, Esther Guerrero has finished third in the 1,500 with a mark of 4.08.60 (minimum for Doha is 4.06.50), more than remarkable -although we are badly used to it- his bravery and state of form taking into account the weather and the wind. Salma Celeste has done 55.35 for 8th street in the 400 female smooth (sixth), while Zoya Naumov has stayed at 2.03.67 in the 800 (fourth place). The Catalan Estela Garcia has run the 200 in 23.83 (minimum World Cup in 23.02).

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