News : Miraculous about this mother (59 years old) and her daughter (38)

News : Miraculous about this mother (59 years old) and her daughter (38)

Esther Pedrosa
Esther Pedrosa and her daughter Raquel shared the final of 1,500 in the Spanish master championship and then photographed on the podium. One of those stories that happens to one in a million citizens.

A photograph is like a puzzle in which the pieces can also be fitted.

This last photograph on the podium is proof: the mother on one side; the daughter to the other, each in its place.

The 1,500 race of the Spanish master championship has just finished in San Fernando, which has been run by the mother, 59 years old, 5’21 “at the finish and the daughter, 38, 5’03”.

Esther Pedrosa is the mother, an old museum piece that has run all over the world, who in her youth beat Carmen Valero on the INEF track and then had the minimum to go to the Barcelona 92 ​​Olympics.

His daughter was then ten years old.

Her name was Raquel Suarez and she was a girl in Santiago de Compostela.

Today, she is a 38-year-old woman who lives in Alcobendas (Madrid) and that tonight, before the battle, before knowing what is going to happen in that 1,500, she said to her mother:

-Mama, don’t worry about me, make your career.

The mother feared that if from the beginning, she started looking for a brand, she could harm her daughter or benefit her daughter’s rivals and those things hurt: whatever happens, she is your daughter.

The reality is that in the end Raquel, who was competing in M-35, was third in her category.

Esther, the mother, won with colossal authority in her age bracket. Did not miss anyone. His arms are ready to collect medals. Your resume is like an encyclopedia.

But beyond the classification, what I intend is to show the message that Miguel del Pozo, the author of the photograph, sent me the next day when he sent me that photograph:

-Mother and daughter running together, there I leave it.

It made me think. I imagined myself on the day when I was 59 years old and I don’t know if I will be able to endure a 1,500 at a rate of 5’21 ”(take the test).

But above all, I imagined what it must be like at that age, at that level, for any human being to share the starting line with your daughter in a championship, where the only religion is victory.

And that is the message that governs this photograph in which, basically, Esther Pedrosa is the same as always, the woman from Santiago de Compostela who invites one to think that it is preferable to get older doing what you like to win the lottery on December 22.

But Esther Pedrosa is also the reflection of the wisdom that Mariano García Verdugo, her coach, transfers to her. “From the beginning he warned me: ‘I put the plan but you put the legs. Therefore, what you feel is more important than what I say, ‘”he says.

Esther is also that woman who (almost) never gives up. Otherwise you won’t have a daughter like Raquel who, two years after turning 40, hits her harder than ever: ambitions don’t accept excuses.

Raquel has not won but she has been third, one second behind second place, which shows the value of one second.

They are the things that are only understood on the track, where his mother only lacked quality to have been the best.

He started running at age 14.

However, at 59, motivation has not taken him ahead, he still does not give anything for lost and replies to those who gave up: “Attitude is important when it comes to getting old.”

Otherwise there are things infinitely more comfortable for a Saturday night than crossing half of Spain, from Santiago to San Fernando; than going back to a call room or competing in a championship in Spain, where no one guarantees ‘you’re going to win’.

But risk is part of the puzzle.

In this puzzle, the final photograph is essential: the two lonely women on the podium with the night as witness and the lights.

Raquel, who left home very young to study Geology in Oviedo, who later passed the competitive examinations and came to live in Alcobendas (Madrid); Raquel, who has found in the competition a faster way to climb the stairs and, above all, to share time with her mother who, at this point in life, only imagines one in ten million citizens: they are 59 and 38 years.

Hence the value of that photograph, of that message that Miguel del Pozo saw and captured when he looked into the distance.

He looked and saw those two women still polishing the podium. And he did not remain indifferent.

He did not wonder then how much that photograph is worth but he did understand that it will not be easy to repeat it again because these things are as difficult to achieve as Messi inviting you to dinner tomorrow.

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