News : Mizuno launches the new Wave Rider: the 25th edition of a running icon

News : Mizuno launches the new Wave Rider: the 25th edition of a running icon

One of the most successful models of the Japanese brand Mizuno celebrates 25 years incorporating the most innovative technologies.

The best Wave Rider ever. This is how forcefully Mizuno celebrates the 25th anniversary of its most iconic sneaker. It comes fully updated as it incorporates the best technologies of the Japanese brand, as well as a new design. Everything to help runners achieve their goals and do it, also, enjoying running to the fullest.

Mizuno Wave Rider 25 is a daily training shoe designed for those who have a neutral footprint and are looking for a shoe that also provides a great sensation of propulsion in each stride. Mizuno Wave and Mizuno Energy are two of the technologies that it incorporates to provide the important characteristics of comfort, reactivity, efficiency and a maximum level of softness.

What’s new?

The new version of Wave Rider stands out visually for presenting a completely renewed upper. Also for a midsole where Mizuno Enerzy has been used in its upper part throughout. Also in the wedge inserted in the heel and that together make Wave Rider 25 even more dynamic and reactive than in previous deliveries, in addition to achieving a damping that is difficult to improve.

On the other hand, there is the Mizuno Wave plate, from the heel to the midfoot. This plate is responsible for providing stability, cushioning, as well as helping to achieve a feeling of running without effort, by managing the footprint in each movement of the runner.

The Wave Rider 25’s renewed upper features a double-layer Engineered Mesh that uses a Jacquard-type fabric that guarantees breathability, flexibility and a perfect fit. The multi-color 3D design adds depth as well as expanding its richness of detail.

Another improvement to note is that this new version is lighter than the previous one. Now it weighs 275g (five grams less).

Fully vegan sneaker

Mizuno Wave Rider 25 is presented as a totally vegan shoe. In this sense, the Japanese brand highlights that the Wave platform is made with Pebax RNew, a totally ecological type of Bio nylon as it is made from castor oil. On the other hand, the collar lining and the laces use a recycled PET fabric.


Mizuno is a sports equipment manufacturer established in Japan since 1906. In addition to developing and marketing products for a wide range of sports such as running, handball, soccer, baseball and golf, the company is also committed to increasing the availability of sports equipment. and to promote sport through activities such as support for athletes and sponsorship of events.

In each of the 115 years since its founding, Mizuno has taken particular pride and pleasure in innovating and providing the highest quality sports equipment. The company’s strategy is to create products that improve the performance of athletes and are exclusive to the company. These technological advances mean that their sports equipment and clothing offer the best performance, regardless of the sport or the conditions in which they practice it.

Mizuno believes that all people are guided by the ideal of true sportsmanship. It is the philosophy of the company that establishes its mission to “contribute to society through the advancement of sporting goods and the promotion of sport”.

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