News : Mizuno Wave Rider 24 arrives with Mizuno Enerzy technology

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Mizuno Wave Rider 24 arrives with Mizuno Enerzy technology

Mizuno wave rider 24

The new Mizuno Wave Rider 24 is here debuting the new Mizuno Enerzy technology in the midsole that leads you to clearly improve both the cushioning and the energy return. And the thing does not stop there: it is a complete renovation of one of the flagship models of the Japanese brand.

The use of the new Mizuno Enerzy compound, with extraordinary properties, allows Wave Rider 24 to benefit from a 17% increase in damping and 15% in energy return.

Put to renew the model, the construction is totally new seeing that the design has been stylized being more current, applying the improvements, not only in the midsole, but also in the upper, in search of a more dynamic and reactive running experience. If the Rider was already a ideal choice for runners with a neutral tread looking for a comfortable and efficient daily training shoe to enjoy running, the level reached is now even higher.

For those who are scared of the changes, it must be said that the new Wave Rider maintains the essence that has accompanied it in these more than two decades of travel, becoming a benchmark that, now, does nothing but improve what there was thanks to news, especially Mizuno Enerzy.

And is that this technology developed exclusively by Mizuno, is not only an aid to improve the performance of runners, but is It looks like the beginning of an era for the Japanese brand. And it is the basis, not only for the Rider 24, but for more models that will come in the future. In the case of Wave Rider, Mizuno Enerzy has been placed in the heel area to benefit from its characteristics in this important area.

Above, in the upper, you can already see an engineering mesh (engeneered mesh), biomechanically designed to improve characteristics such as breathability, fit, comfort or even regulate the temperature of the foot. The tongue is integrated into the body of the shoe to improve the synergy between the foot and this new Rider 24. The entire collar has been rounded to improve the fit while preventing chafing.

Underneath, in contact with the ground, a micro-expanded rubber is used (high adherence and softness), combined with another solid rubber (high durability) on a flat sole in the central area to improve running fluidity.

As specific numerical data, it must be said that Mizuno Wave Rider 24 has a weight of 290gr in the men's finish and 260gr in the women's. In both cases, the drop used is 12mm.

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