News : Mo Farah Tombs Gebrselassie Hour World Record

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Mo Farah Tombs Gebrselassie Hour World Record

Farah, a few meters ahead of Gebrselassie's shadow

Briton Mo Farah couldn't have un best return to the track, which he left in 2017 to dedicate himself to the marathon, and set a new hour record this Friday, after running a total of 21,330 meters at the Brussels meeting, the sixth stop of the Diamond League.

Farah, what I had not competed since last OctoberWhen he finished eighth in the Chicago Marathon, he surpassed the previous world record held by Ethiopian Haile Gebrselassie since June 27, 2007 by 45 meters with a total of 21,285 meters.

It was not clear at all

A record that for almost three-quarters of an hour seemed to escape Farah, who traveled the first three-quarters of the test with a disadvantage of about 10 meters in relation to the distance covered by Gebrselassie in the Czech city of Ostrava. But the British, double Olympic champion of the 5,000 and 10,000 meters, se kept, as during most of his career, one last bullet in the chamber, thanks to its imposing ending

Accompanied by the Belgian Bashir Abdi, Mo Farah gradually increased the frequency of his stride, not only to wipe his disadvantage with the Ethiopian's record, but to finally overcome it.

Abdi's World Record of 20km

A possibility that was already clearly glimpsed when reaching 20 kilometers, that Abdi, with Farah's permission, beat with a time of 56:21 minutes, five seconds less than the world record that Haile Gebrselassie he achieved when he set the hour record.

But if Mo Farah wanted to share the glory with Abdi, allowing the Belgian to enter his name in the record book, the British did not let anyone discuss the new hour record. He made it clear with a very strong change of pace in the absence of a minute for the conclusion of the test, which allowed him to become the new universal record holder with a record of 21,330 meters, forty-five more than the previous Gebrselassie brand.

A record also surpassed by Belgian Abdi, who climbed to second place in the all-time world rankings with a total of 21,322 meters.

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