News : Moen challenges Ingebrigtsen but runs out of gas for Record 5k

News :

Moen challenges Ingebrigtsen but runs out of gas for Record 5k

Sondre Moen, in a file image / Eirik Førde

In Norway there seems to be an endless race in the search for records and records between the most famous brothers in athletics, the Ingebrigtsen, and the Nordic-Kenyan Sondre Moen. Moen set a few days ago at the Impossible Games in Oslo the European Record of 25,000 meters. 62 and a half laps on the track. Almost nothing.

The Nordic completed the feat in 1: 12: 46: 51, breaking Stephane Franke's previous mark of 1999 (1: 13: 57: 6). Sondre rolled at 2: 55 ’/ km. For his part, Jakob Ingebrigtsen achieved the national record of 5 kilometers en route on May 21 on a polygon circuit in Stavanger (13:28) and also in the Impossible Games he achieved the European Record of 2,000.

In Kenya with Renato Canova

Well, Sondre, who has spent years spending long periods in Kenya, tried this Thursday to snatch the record he already had before the youngest of the Ingebrigtsen he took it away a few days ago in Stavanger. Moen had a personal mark at 13:37 and ran down a bike path and a highway that wasn't even cut off from traffic looking to at least make a personal mark.

But it failed. He didn't even stay close. Recorded 13:46, 18 seconds slower than Jakob. "My 'diesel' engine lacked the resources to beat the Jakob brand, which is a specialist at 1,500 and 5,000," said Moen.

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