News : Moen shatters the European Record of the hour at a rate of 2: 50 / km

News :

Moen shatters the European Record of the hour at a rate of 2: 50 / km

Moen flew on the track to beat a new European record

Sondre Nordstad Moen has once again proved that he is one of the best long distance runners of the moment. The Norwegian, who already announced more than a month ago that he planned to attack the European Record for track time this August, has succeeded; in fact, he has smashed it after running almost 53 laps on 3rd fairway Kristiansand from Karihola, in her native Norway. Sondre, who lives most of the year in Kenya, is trained by the legendary Renato Canova and two months ago he took the best European record in the history of the 25,000 meters, which he set in 1:12:46.

Undoubtedly, in times when competitions are not abundant and the uncertainty regarding them is so great, these types of challenges are the ones that have been awakening (especially in the Nordic countries) this sport after several months in critical condition. Moen reached 21,131 meters in those 60 minutes and surpassed the 20,944 of the Dutchman Jos Hermens.

At a pace of 2: 50 / km

He ran at a pace of 2: 50 / km. Moen finally wore the Vaporfly Next to achieve this best record of the old continent despite the fact that at first he had considered doing it with sneakers similar to those used by Hermens in 1976. A car accompanied Moen during the 60 minutes on 4th Street recording the feat and giving him instructions .

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