News : Mortality of German Olympic athletes is twice normal

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Mortality of German Olympic athletes is twice normal

Archive image of athlete Heide Rosendahl, doping suspect in Munich'72

A study by the Köblenz sports economist Lutz Thieme shows that mortality among German Olympic athletes is twice that of the general population. Effects of doping in the German country. The result shows the terrible conclusion that the elite athlete and the highest competitive level is twice as likely to die before any other ordinary citizen.

Something that, according to the portal ‘’ in an extensive article, was suspected and that ‘exploded’ with the death of three-time Olympic champion Florence Griffith-Joyner at age 38 suffocated while sleeping. Griffith-Joyner ran the 100 meters in 10.49 and the 200 meters in 21.34 seconds. With 31 world records, doping left the American's body practically deformed.

Doping and the body to the limit

Top level athletes (Olympians) push their bodies to the limit. To get to 'Olympus' they carry out very hard training sessions and have plans that very few could bear. Between their 20s and 30s they get squeezed and that is what they usually pay for in later life.. Injuries accompany athletes' trajectories, and that wear on tendons and joints usually pays for itself years later.

Some retire with an ibuprofen kidney, others with an anabolic liver, others with quadruple cruciate ligament knee surgery. Few ‘survive’ his career without discomfort or dragging ailments or injuries. The problem is that Many times those who have abused doping like Lance Armstrong seem to still be fit years later., but only in appearance.

A revealing study

According to Thieme, the Olympians are especially the most affected. They are not sure if they will ever take advantage of their pension, at least that is what emerges from the study carried out by eThe former SC Turbine Erfurt team swimmer, who analyzed data from the 1956-2016 Olympics and observed the death rate of 6,066 German Olympic participants (1,959 women and 4,107 men). The result: LOlympic participants from the former Federal Republic between the ages of 35 and 64 are almost twice as likely to die than the general population of the same average age. 400 athletes, including 138 medalists (1/3 of the total), had already died on July 1, 2019.

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