News : Much More Than Father Figures: The Athletic Parent-Coaches

News : Much More Than Father Figures: The Athletic Parent-Coaches

Parents and coaches, in the Broker’s Exchange

One of those typical ‘cuñao’ tips tends to preach that it is not good to mix family and business. That if family life is already complicated, adding many more hours away from home and with bread in between is a big mistake. Well, in this case we will not talk about business (or yes, it depends on how you look at it), but about the extra-family relationship between athletes and their parents.

Parents (parents in most cases) who are also coaches. If already a very close relationship is established between the coach and the athlete, almost paternalCan you imagine adding a conviviality at home later or sharing intimate and family aspects? As in everything, there can be many positive aspects and other negative ones, of course. Confidence, knowing yourself and knowing your weaknesses and virtues, knowing how you can react when saying what or how to do it.

In this ‘post’ we are going to review some (which we have been able to find) cases of athletes trained by their parents, their mothers or both, as we will see that there is a case in the world of athletics. Some incipient young people, others more consecrated. Cases of athletes already retired.

The Ingrebrigtsen

We start with what is probably the most famous athletic family in the world today. Gjert, the father, trains the three brothers, who form a unique and unusual group. It is strict and subjects them to very hard sessions, which seeing the results, are paying off. Thanks to them, Norway is now a world midfield power. Henrik and Filip, the oldest have been European champions and world medalists. Jakob is much younger, the best of the three and who threatens to break (he is already doing so, in fact, according to the magnificent battle he had this summer in the World League with Cheruiyot) the African hegemony of the middle bottom. In the 2018 and 2019 seasons the three registered a weekly average of kilometers that oscillated between 140 and 160.

Armand Duplantis (and father and mother):

It is the ‘special’ case to which we referred. Armand Duplantis, world pole vault ‘record holder’, is trained by his two parents. His father Greg, an American and ex-athlete from the same discipline, takes the technique part for him, while his mother Helena, Swedish, takes care of his conditioning. Armand recently assured that of the last four years he has worked around five days a week with his mother and only one with his father to work exclusively on the technique. He grew up in the United States, but represents his mother’s country, Sweden.

Matvey Volkov-Konstantin Volkov:

And from a reality with a tremendous future in pole vaulting, to a rising star of only 16 years in the same discipline. Russian Matvey Volkov has already jumped 5.50 meters and is the son of Konstantin Volkov, who was European champion in 1980. Konstantin recently assured that his son, whom he trains, would be considering changing his nationality due to the sanctions against Russia to participate in international competitions.

The Borlee brothers:

Jonathan, Kevin and Dylan Borlee, c4 × 400 European Amps with Belgium in 2016, are directed by their father Jacques Borlee, a legend of speed in the Belgian country (eight times national champion and runner-up in Europe. Since this summer they also train the sprint events (100 and 200) with French coach Guy Ontanon.

Stefan Holm-Melwin Lycke Holm:

One of the young promises of international high jump, the Swedish Melwin Lycke Holm, at 16, has managed to jump 2.17 meters high. Well, he actually got that jump at 15. His father and trainer is Athens Olympic champion Stefan Holm, who has a personal best of 2.37 meters and was also a world runner-up.

Bernat Erta and Quim Erta:

A European sub’20 record of 400, Bernat Erta is one of our strong values ​​in speed. Bernat’s environment could not be more suitable for the practice of athletics. He has always been trained by his father Quim, an outstanding sprinter From the 1980s, he became the Spanish 4 × 100 meter champion in 1982 with the AD Antorxa. Bernat was silver in 400 meters (46.24) and bronze in 4 × 400 in the European sub’20 in Boräs (Sweden).

Aleix Porras-Salvador Porras:

The specialist in 400 meters hurdles Aleix Porras, European youth runner-up in 2016 and several times champion of Spain under-18 and under-20, is trained by his father Salvador. He is currently in the Dominican Republic concentrated for 20 days with the group of Olympic champion Felix Sánchez in Athens. “On the track we are training partners, and yes, he is my coach and acts as a coach. At home his role is that of father. The only thing that can be different from others is that when we are at home we review training sessions and put videos, but that is what I like, I would also do it on my own if he weren’t my coach ”, Aleix explained a few years ago.

Cameron Burrell-Leroy Burrell:

The sprinter Cameron Burrell, a specialist in the 100-meter test, is the son of the Olympic champion in the 4 × 100 in Barcelona’92, who turns out to be his coach as well. Cameron has a personal best of 9.93.

Dragutin Topic-Angelina Topic:

Dragutin Topic was the junior world and European champion in the high jump. His daughter Angelina is following in his footsteps and a couple of days ago, at just 15 years old, she managed to reach 185 centimeters in the same discipline as her father. Genes, without a doubt, play a very important role.

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