News : Müller, Hummels, Boateng: Will Löw give in? EM chances in the national team

News : Müller, Hummels, Boateng: Will Löw give in? EM chances in the national team

DFB team: EM chances of Müller, Hummels, Boateng: What does the hidden Löw sentence mean?

For a long time it was considered impossible for Thomas Müller, Mats Hummels or Jérôme Boateng to participate in the European Championship – but national coach Joachim Löw now admits that the national team thinks about it exactly. What are the chances of the individual players? There are probably two favorites.

“The pandemic stole almost a year from us. You can think about interrupting such a radical change if it is absolutely necessary.”

The words of the national coach in the ARD come late and unexpectedly. After all, he had previously categorically ruled out such a step. A few months before the start of the European Championship, Joachim Löw is now rowing back – probably (also) driven by the lack of alternatives.

Suddenly are Mats Hummels, Thomas Müller and Jerome Boateng so again worth considering.

Löw’s late insight – but what are the chances of a comeback?

Löw also admits for the first time that there is “rightly” a public debate about a return action by the trio – after the world champions were dismantled, there was no improvement.

Rather, a major problem manifested itself: The German squad lacks class across the board. It was all the more incomprehensible for many that Löw deprived himself of possible options.

But that should end for the time being. Müller, Hummels and Boateng can dream of participating in the European Championship again. FOCUS Online shows how it is with their chances of success.

Thomas Müller (FC Bayern): Stabilizer and communicator

Müller probably has the best EM chances. The “spatial interpreter” is set at the currently strongest club in the world. The coach there is Hansi Flick, a confidante of Löw. It is quite possible that the FCB coach put in a good word for Müller.

The 31-year-old is not only extremely dangerous due to his unorthodox style of play – 22 goal participations in 21 games – he also tears up spaces for his teammates. In the end, the whole team benefits from it.

In the interview, Löw also suggests that he had to change his schedule in the wake of Corona. A factor that further increases Müller’s chances.

With Leon Goretzka, Serge Gnabry and Leroy Sané, three Bavarians are placed in the midfield or attack of the national team. The confused running patterns of her colleague do not mean a new challenge for her. Rather, the processes are automated and thus a stabilizer for the fragile structure of the national team.

In addition, Löw speaks indirectly for a return of Müller. “What I want: a different kind of communication on the pitch. It’s important to communicate with each other, to talk. If something gets a little out of hand, we need a different volume, a different force on the pitch.” Müller would certainly do him that favor.

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Mats Hummels (Borussia Dortmund): The danger for Süle

The Dortmund player could benefit from the form gap of numerous DFB defenders, especially Niklas Süle is playing a mixed season. Chosen as the central defender of the future, the 25-year-old is now fighting for a perspective at FC Bayern.

Recently there was also public criticism from the club bosses. Süle is playing on a trial basis in Munich – and possibly also in the national team. “It may well be that one or the other who is convinced that they will participate in the European Championship will not be there after all,” said Löw recently. A warning shot in the direction of Süle? Quite conceivable.

It would be Hummels’ great opportunity. BVB falls short of its own expectations, but this rarely applies to Hummels. The 32-year-old is one of the few constants.

In addition, his game opening is still world class. The Dortmunders hardly make bad passes, although he is not afraid of the risk and likes to overplay several chains at the same time.

Hummels had already commented on a possible return via “Sport Bild” in the summer of 2019. “So far in my life I’ve always picked up when Jogi Löw called,” he said at the time. “I would probably do that next time too.”

The next time could be in the near future. In the “kicker”, Löw explains that a return of the BVB star would work without further ado: Hummels could allow others to take the lead. The national coach clearly shows that Dortmund is part of his mind games.

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Jérôme Boateng (FC Bayern): What does this Löw sentence mean?

The third 2014 world champion is one of the reasons why the situation for Süle is currently the way it is: Most recently, he had to play a right-back instead of a central defender, because Boateng is still an institution of Bayern’s defense.

The 80-million-man Lucas Hernández can also painfully report this. The Frenchman can’t get past the Kaventsmann either. Nevertheless, Boateng probably has the worst cards for a comeback in the national team.

Löw expressly praises only the other two outcasts: “The character of Thomas Müller and Mats Hummels is that they don’t oppress others.” Thus, Löw quickly turns the EM nomination into a question of character.

The national coach underlines this emphatically: “If I think we still need one or the other percentage point or one or the other energy provider, from a sporting point of view or in the lead.”

From a purely sporting point of view, Boateng should also have the chance to jump on the EM train. Loew evidently prefers Hummels; However, should he reactivate both central defenders at once, he can count on a commitment from Munich.

“If there is a chance at some point, I’m not averse,” said Boateng in February 2020. Nothing should have changed that.

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