News : “My goal is to hit Farah’s wheel in Birmingham”

News : “My goal is to hit Farah’s wheel in Birmingham”

Chiki tells us that she will try to stick to Mo Farah

We chatted with Juan Antonio ‘Chiki’ Pérez before participating this coming Saturday in the 10,000 European Cup in Birmingham. With the objective in mind of achieving lower the Olympic minimum (27:28), the one from Ciudad Real is very fit and tells us about goals and his career strategy in a championship that is expected to be spectacular with the presence in the national team of Carlos Mayo, Yago Rojo, Raúl Celada, Jesús Ramos and Jorge Blanco.

The best Spanish brand of the last 13 years in Ostrava

“I was strong and I knew we had done a lot of volume and a lot of cane in Ostrava. I would say that now it should be better than then, we have tuned more, more quality. I actually feel stronger. What’s more we had to do a large part of the race alone. The hares worked for Kiplimo and the Italian and I helped each other, he threw the first part and I the second. The truth is that a very good brand came out for not having had any kind of help ”.

You freaked out with Kiplimo, right?

“He won the World Half Marathon, he goes to Ostrava and does that with Mamba (shoes without a badge). It ended in 13 peeled. He has a tremendous facility running. What I see him run easily and technically well I have not seen anyone. He is an athlete that I see him and I tell myself that it is impossible to even get close to him. I am 21 years old. I was ‘speaking’ within my means because I hardly speak English. In the call room I was able to share a few words, not much. Africans are also quite shy in general ”.

The bubbles

“As I had a recent PCR, from the day before, I was able to go with more ‘freedom’. But for example Dani Arce, who had been carrying out a PCR for days before arriving, did the test and kept them locked up in the hotel for a whole day until they didn’t know the results. We who had the recent test could go down from the hotel to train on the track without any problem. Before going back I had to take another test. The issue is still very controlled. And obviously not sightseeing or anything. Hotel-track-coach. There was an audience in the stands, little, but the truth is very much appreciated. Something is something, it is appreciated ”.

Strategy in Birmingham

“There will be a career. Mo Farah does not have the minimum so he has to get it. We know you are going to do it. How can an Olympic champion not do it? but it is that apart he needs to be ahead of his rivals in the trials. My goal is to come out after Mo Farah. If you go at a minimum pace and win. Trying to stick to the wheel and trying to be as good as possible and see if the minimum falls ”.

“I wanted to try to enter 10,000 points system. Today I am first, but there are many minimums and it is not clear if we are going to be able to enter any through that route. So I’m going to go for the bare minimum. It is true that of those who have a minimum there will be some who will go to the marathon, another to the 5,000. There may be the options, but of course that is playing a lot with fire. If I do not achieve the minimum in Birmingham I will focus on achieving it in the 5,000 because there will be more options for points as it is not a direct final.

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