News : National coach Löw: melancholy of parting – sport

News : National coach Löw: melancholy of parting – sport

Joachim Löw has a great talent for maintaining an aura of mystery. He has been national coach for 15 years now, time is running out, but what do you really know about him after half an eternity? How is this Löw when he’s not just a press conference and player substitute, but just private? In a weak hour, he once said that he occasionally fetches a vintage car, a Mercedes convertible, out of the garage to relax and jerks across the Black Forest High Road in sun glasses. Bread seeds for the interested public. But otherwise?

He almost never showed himself behind his sunglasses. Even the paparazzi, it seemed, had long since given up on the man. Especially since Löw, 61, was always okay in terms of fashion, no wonder, in his day the national team was dressed by Strenesse and later Hugo Boss, so maybe the T-shirt stretched in the rain, but in general the more mature man can hardly go wrong with it . Not even if the outfitter’s fashion consultants don’t lay his clothes ready for the day. Löw once said something about music, namely that he hears something completely different to his players: “They play music in the dressing room today, so I have to go outside. I prefer to listen to German hits.”

At this point there is now perhaps a new approach to the historiography of Löw (how-was-he-so?). A thin book could become a slightly thicker one. Because before the digital press conference for the Sunday international game in Romania was officially opened on Saturday, Löw was not humming hits by Helene Fischer or Andrea Berg, but a soul classic by Barry White. From his lips came: “The first, my last, my everything.” Only after the overture had subsided, press spokesman Jens Grittner asked whether one could already be heard from the podium in Bucharest.

Yes, you were. And now the Löw interpreters are puzzling: inspiration or staging? Spontaneous or planned? Loew has already left quite a few things Sphinx-like. Just remember that photo of the beach promenade in Sochi, printed worldwide, which, in addition to the preliminary round knockout against the football powers Mexico (0: 1), Sweden (2: 1) and South Korea (0: 2), messed up forever 2018 World Cup in Russia will be remembered. Löw had interrupted his jogging round, he was leaning casually against a black lacquered lantern, the sea served as a backdrop. The photo was admired like a painting in a museum, in which everyone simply interprets what they think they recognize. In the case of Löw, for example: I personally like it here, I am fine here, but … – the photo could then be understood as a distancing from the World Cup quarters in Watutinki.

1974! – Is it possible that the year in which the song was published is important?

So what does Löw, who has never sung for all these years, but only whistled once, now want to tell with the help of Barry White, who died in 2003? A case for cryptologists: is it possible that the year in which the song appeared is important? It was 1974, it was a convertible summer in which the Germans became world champions for the second time since 1954. Is there really a razor-sharp assignment for the younger generation hidden in what is casually drolling along? Hey guys !, it would be time again … -.

In summer 2021, however, there will only be European championships. And that’s why in the end it’s maybe more about him, about Löw. About the melancholy of parting. For them, in the center of “You’re the First, the Last …”, Barry White has a few Schlager-languishing-sappy lines ready: “You are, you are everything I live for / I keep your love forever You are the first, my last, my everything. “

Joachim Löw has already set a tone for everything that will follow in the way of obituaries about him and his relationship with a national soccer team.

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