News : NBA: Free Agency has begun – these deals have already been completed

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NBA: Free Agency has begun - these deals have already been completed

The transfer period has started in the NBA. With the beginning of the Free Agency new contracts between players and teams may be closed. On the first day - more precisely, in the first eight hours - a total of 48 deals were agreed, with a value of more than three billion US dollars. Some stars have changed the team, others have renewed their contracts. Among other things, a new title candidate has been created. The most important transfers up to now.


What is striking? Brooklyn is the previous winner of this Free Agency. Last year, the young team made it to the playoffs thanks to a strong second half of the season, but failed to Philadelphia. Now the Nets win with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan, a star trio, which can play along with the young team core straight away for the title - in full strength, however, probably only for the season 2020/2021, because Durant expected with an Achilles tendon rupture to suspend all year. Allegedly, Durant's old team, the Golden State Warriors, will receive D'Angelo Russell of Brooklyn in return.

For Irving, who comes from Boston, Kemba Walker of the Charlotte Hornets replaces as a replacement to the Celtics. The 29-year-old made the step to All-Star last season, averaging 25.6 points. In return, Terry Rozier, who previously came from Boston from Boston, goes to North Carolina to the Hornets.

With Jimmy Butler and Al Horford two other star players have new employers. Curious: Horford's move within the Atlantic Division, from Boston to Philadelphia, which already has one of the league's best centers in the squad, Joel Embiid. Butler's deal is still on the edge. Miami is currently working on a solution to create the necessary salary space for Butler's commitment.


The Dallas Mavericks have signed a long-term deal with Latvians following Kristaps Porzingis' spectacular commitment in February. With that, Luka Doncic, who has recently been awarded the Best Newcomer, has certainly been a co-star for the years to come.

Klay Thompson, who had torn the cruciate ligament during the NBA Finals, extended his contract with the Golden State Warriors. The "Splash Bros", as he and Stephen Curry are called because of their accuracy, so stay together. Damian Lillard also remains loyal to his team, extending his contract, which will run until 2021 anyway, for another four years. The point guard could end his career in Portland, at the end of the new contract, he will be 35 years old.

More surprising than Lillard and Thompson's signatures are those of Tobias Harris and Harrison Barnes. Both had been sent to their new teams during the season, but for various reasons. Harris came in as a reinforcement with which the 76ers wanted to reach the final. The team did not harmonize well, even in the second playoff round was over. Barnes, on the other hand, was sent by the Mavericks to Sacramento during a running match to save salary. There, the forward has now received a similar highly endowed contract.

Still on the market is the most valuable player of the final series, Kawhi Leonard. In his first season, he immediately won the championship with the Toronto Raptors. As a prospect next to Toronto, the two teams from Los Angeles, the Lakers and the Clippers, called. Leonard grew up near the California metropolis.

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