News : Neither Boston, New York nor Berlin … Three of the 'Majors' have already fallen

News :

Neither Boston, New York nor Berlin ... Three of the 'Majors' have already fallen

Bekele was the great protagonist of the Berlin Marathon 2019

Throughout this Wednesday, June 24, we have received two ‘hammers’ in the form of suspensión Majors ’suspension. If a few weeks ago we knew that the Boston Marathon was canceled 124 years later because of the coronavirus crisis, both the New York Marathon like the Berlin Marathon, where six of the last seven best brands in history had lived in the distance, have announced that the 2020 editions are canceled. The organizations have concluded that it is not feasible to guarantee a correct celebration of the tests.

Goodbye New York

“The organizers of the event, in association with the New York City Council, have made the decision to cancel the world's largest marathon due to concerns related to the coronavirus and the safety of runners, spectators, volunteers, workers and the partners and communities that support this event, ”they announced in a statement. Since its first edition in 1970, the number of participants has continued to grow in this race in which the winners in the men's and women's categories win $ 100,000 in prize money.

As regards Berlin, they have also reported in a statement that It is impossible to celebrate in the face of this coming autumn month (it was dated September 27). “Despite having tried with all our might, it is not possible to organize the BMW Berlin-Marathon in its usual format. We are not trained to ensure the safety and purpose of the test. It will not be possible on September 27 and we regret to say that neither in the rest of the year ”.

London, Chicago and Valencia

These two very hard cancellations alert us to those that are still in the fray. The London Marathon is scheduled for October 10 (with the presence of Kipchoge if it takes place), the 11th for Chicago and for Valencia arrives on December 6 debuting platinum label.

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