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New balance All Terrain Fresh Foam Iron 5

We already have the analysis and characteristics of Iron 5. Or rather: New balance All Terrain Fresh Foam Hierro 5…


As if it were an aristocrat who does not want to leave behind his last names and lineages, this shoe explains in his name, and beyond the brand, much of its characteristics.

His name says it is All terrain, that is to say, that it follows the trailera tradition that these Americans from Boston began around 1977; also says that it is Fresh Foam, that is, your midsole uses this NB compound that provides a soft cushioning and, thanks to its intelligent geometry, can provide greater firmness or stability as required; now comes about Iron, a strong name for the, in his day, successor to Leadville, another monster in the showcases of New Balance; and finally the number 5, a low number for what seems like a franchise with a long run in years ahead and that makes a difference with its predecessor: Iron 4.

And even if we talk about Hierro 5 today, we already know that she will not arrive alone, since another shoe shows her ears behind her. It is none other than 850 All Terrain, of which we will give a good secure account.

What brings novel Iron 5? Well, by the way, there is nothing left to say: Fresh Foam X, a twist to a midsole that promises, given the results we have observed in other models analyzed, such as the own Iron 4 or Iron BOA (and its characteristic closure ) and other road shoes such as the well-known Fresh Foam 1080, or FF Beacon 2, FF More or FF Lazr 2. That is, many models for daily training, but what New Balance does now is a new technological breakthrough with the use of Fresh Foam X.

All Terrain in itself would be the other great novelty, since it is an outdoor collection with the best technologically speaking and that inaugurate these two shoes. I leave 850AT aside and I go, now yes, with the details of Iron.


The New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro 5 midsole stands out above all for use a new compound such as Fresh Foam X. Do not confuse with Fresh Foam dry because "X" is the nomenclature that New Balance has chosen to refer to a new formulation that provides more cushioning, more reactivity and more lightness.

The hexagonal shapes of the original Fresh Foam have been replaced by irregular ones that, according to New Balance, try to replicate real structures of nature to better withstand the damping of the damping. Said new forms also allow the creation of concave areas and convex areas to enhance damping, firmness or stability, always according to the objective to which the shoe is destined.

In the case of Hierro 5, the main contribution of this Fresh Foam X midsole is a soft cushioning, which will allow you to run comfortably throughout the session. It will be a reactive cushioning, so it should not give the feeling of a sneaky shoe. And finally, that the material is light will be especially appreciated if you run too fast, or if you run too slow, but long.

The way in which the Iron 5 midsole is constructed does not vary, that is, it is designed from the data collected by the continuous studies of New Balance tread, and carried out using laser technology to make the necessary cuts.

The height of the Fresh Foam Hierro 5 midsole is neither high nor low: the heel area rises to 28mm, while that of the forefoot does it up to 20mm. This gives as result a drop of 8mm.


The New Balance All Terrain Fresh Foam Hierro 5 sole follows the same idea about irregular shapes that I commented on the midsole. This we see in the tacos, which can increase or decrease in size depending on the area where they are, but they no longer have a hexagonal shape to use.

Thus, the tacos are more bulky in the heel area, to improve durability. Have certain orientation in contragrip to better grip on the descents. Another place where they are thick is under the metatarsals. Here New Blance has cut the most delayed side to improve traction. The others, especially those of the toe are smaller and incisive, to propel until the last contact with the ground before launching the next stride.

The material with which the Iron 5 sole is constructed is Vibram® Megagrip. The Italian brand that collaborates with New Balance in some of its “Premium” models is characterized by achieving a compound that provides many of the requirements of a model of these characteristics, such as a great grip on both dry and wet surfaces, in addition to a large durability.

Not only do we find Vibram® in this model, but of course in others in New Balance Iron 4 and Iron BOA, in Summit K.O.M and Q.O.M, or in some models of other brands such as Hoka One One or Saucony, for example.


The upper or upper cut of New Balance All Terrain Fresh Foam Hierro 5 clearly improves on its predecessor. In addition, in the aspect of breathability, even more with respect to Iron BOA, the one with an “alligator skin” that protects the foot extraordinarily, but at the cost of reducing the breathability somewhat.

The mesh is breathable, but in addition New balance has distributed more open holes so that ventilation is important, especially in the area of ​​the fingers. On the other hand, a TPU film covers the mesh to make it more resistant with respect to external elements and that do not enter the footwear, including splashes, but without limiting neither the breathability nor the drainage.

All the mesh is constructed without seams to avoid chafing and as a way of greater protection, on the toe we find Toe Protect, which is the rubber system to protect the fingers from the small impacts that occur when running through the mountain.

The padded tongue has the laces passed so that it does not move when running. Some laces that are round and that cross up to six eyelets and a side strap (which will pull hard all the ring around the ankle), for a forceful support. Even so, there is a free eyelet for those who want to tighten their shoes even harder.

From behind, a very visible outside buttress will stabilize the ankle every time the ground is hit when running. Said buttress is crowned by a handy shooter to help you fit faster and more comfortably.

Anecdotally, it must be said that the “N” brand logo is only clearly visible on the outer face, while on the inside we also see a “N” but much smaller and located at the base of the big toe, a size and place nothing usual.


New Balance All Terrain Fresh Foam Hierro 5 is the new installment of one of the best trail running shoes on the market since it offers a guarantee in materials and a design that helps both high comfort and high performance.

How do you do it? Especially with the new Fresh Foam X midsole material that achieves even better cushioning, lightness and durability than the previous Fresh Foam. This allows it to be used both to pretend to go fast, and to go quiet on the route of great distances.

The sole is also Vibram® Megagrip, guarantee of the Italian brand that only serves high-end models and here maintains an excellent relationship between grip, traction on all types of terrain and durability. The upper combines a breathable and lightweight mesh that is protected by a TPU film that prevents sand and other small but annoying elements from entering.

The drop is 8mm based on a 28 / 20mm midsole and the weight, which I had not said yet, is 359gr in the finish for men and 299gr in the finish for women.

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