News : New Balance Fresh Foam 880v11

News : New Balance Fresh Foam 880v11

New Balance Fresh Foam 880v11 review

We already have the analysis and characteristics of New Balance Fresh Foam 880v11. If in the previous installment we saw how the excellent compound that is Fresh Foam X reached the 880 franchise, now it is the confirmation that it works like a glove.

And is that 880 is another of those shoes that are sometimes more discreet than they should. Direct competitor of star models in other brands such as Pegasus in Nike, Wave Rider in Mizuno or GEL Cumulus in ASICS, this saga 880 consists of a sneaker capable of providing great cushioning that will last a long time… And of course also in the kilometers.

Focused on daily training and neutral footsteps or insoles, the new Fresh Foam 880v11 provides high performance. And more than that, a versatility thanks to its soft, but reactive, cushioning.

New Balance has evolved and refined the upper of this new Fresh Foam 880v11 by using a double Jacquard mesh, along with other details that we will now see. You can see that this time they have concentrated the effort on the upper cut. All because of the “fault” of the success with the midsole in the previous 880v10 and that is the reason to continue trusting in a formula that is working very well, as well as its combination with a very successful sole.

Weighing just 298g for men and 247g for women, it is a comfortable, versatile and effective training shoe that can be used with guarantees on a daily basis … Come on, let’s not waste any more time and let’s see which foot fit … 😉

New Balance Fresh Foam 880v11 review


The upper cut is the part of New Balance Fresh Foam 880v11 where the improvements are better appreciated compared to the previous delivery. New Balance has given you a double jacquard mesh looking for many benefits, and among them, comfort.

Because the mesh is light and breathable, thanks to ventilation openings on both sides of the shoe, but especially at the height of the fingers, right where it is needed most. Openings up to 5mm long are easy to see and open elliptically if fingers move or press on the mesh. This area, the toe, is reinforced, also coinciding with the big toe, so, yes, comfort, but also durability.

Returning to the side, it has many ventilation holes, but like the “N” of New Balance (one of the logos that works the most in the world of running), it uses the TPU with which it is made to reinforce this area where tension is generated. by tightening the laces and by the movement of the foot itself. The work of this moonlighting “N” does not end here since it is outlined with reflective paint so that whoever wears this 880v11 is seen if it runs in low light conditions.

The laces are semi-flat and are passed through six eyelets, leaving a seventh closer to the ankle for those looking for something more in the tightening. They are not completely rigid, although they are not elastic either …, but they do have a bit of play thanks to a type of ring fabric that gives them some millimeter of margin to yield. This makes the lacing more gentle, which is in keeping with New Balance’s goal of delivering a high-performance shoe, but with a high level of comfort. Sometimes, the most hidden details say more about the care with which something is made, than the most spectacular and eye-catching pieces.

The reed is very, very thick. And since it has a foam inside that makes it padded, it only reinforces what I have been commenting on for a long time: this is a very comfortable model. And functional. Because that foam is going to be made to the shape, to the contour of the foot.

The heel also attracts attention. Now it is more stretched out. More stylized you would say. It has just the right size to treat the Achilles heel delicately, but also make a fantastic shooter when it comes to putting on shoes. It has the right width to make the gripper with the big and index fingers and pull the shoe. Those who are in a hurry or who usually have problems to finish putting their foot in a pair of sneakers, will appreciate it.

And then there’s the heel clip, too. Now it is much smaller in size, but more forceful, stronger. It is halfway between the upper and the midsole (its natural zone), since it is important in helping to stabilize the ankle just when it hits the ground, when running.

If we go inside, we see a bowl somewhat less padded than expected (seeing above all how the tongue is), but that also hugs the ankle both gently and forcefully. Then there is the insole, made of 5mm sparkling foams, which in turn rests on a 2mm insole cushioned material that forms the border with the midsole.


The New Balance Fresh Foam 880v11 midsole is built mainly with Fresh Foam X material. We already saw in the previous 880 delivery, that the use of Fresh Foam X compared to the previous Acteva Lite + Abzorb, had made it gain even more in cushioning and reactivity.

It is still laser cut, although this time, New Balance has discarded the tiny holes that ran both sides. The contribution was not relevant and instead gave a confusing idea of ​​what they could be.

Better now: the holes in the side walls are reinforced on the inside so that, despite being a shoe focused on a neutral footprint, it does not neglect the important stability that is always necessary. On the other hand, on the outside, the midsole has less resistance to compression and this is precisely one of the things that helps the cushioning to be progressive and soft here.

You don’t have to be very observant to see that not everything is Fresh Foam X (the white material of the midsole). There is another, with a different texture: it is black in the photos and is essentially located on the front two thirds of the midsole, just on the side in contact with the foot. It is an evolution of TRUFUSE and consists of placing this EVA derivative just under the metatarsals, where more pressure is applied when impaling before launching the stride.

It continues to be maintained the same drop, 10mm, as a result of a midsole that measures 28mm at the heel and 18mm at the forefoot.


The New Balance Fresh Foam 880v11 sole maintains the wide base of contact with the ground, seeking better support and good traction. It really repeats from the previous version and, as I say, that shows that the formula used is efficient.

The tread is wide occupying most of the sole. Liga with the idea of ​​greater support, but since the rubber used in the metatarsal area is added air to lower the density (it is Expanded Blown Rubber), what it does is gain grip. Therefore, it is very good for running on any type of surface, although it depends on where we are going to use it, it will give one durability or another. I explain:

On hard surfaces such as asphalt, it will traction perfectly thanks to the fact that this soft adherent material is a luxury home with hard surfaces (and not only asphalt, but also sidewalks or concrete). And by land? Also, but with an important exception, which is not only for this model, but for all, of all brands that, like this one, use softer rubber: it lasts a little less there. In fact, the land, be it parks or roads, is more abrasive than asphalt, so it wears down shoes more and with soft rubber this increases. Although what is the performance: that also luxury.

This is at the metatarsal level, since in the heel (the area of ​​maximum wear in all types of footwear) is a hard and resistant rubber called NDurance. It is shaped like a horseshoe, leaving the middle gap empty (from here you can see the midsole). This gap is designed this way because this part of the sole does not work as much as to sacrifice two advantages of the gap created: reduce weight and generate a space that will momentarily occupy the midsole to expand when pressed when stepping on and from where to rebound to recover its shape.

Summary and price New Balance Fresh Foam 880v11

New Balance Fresh Foam 880v11 continue to stand as a wonderful daily training shoe for neutral tread or insole. Thanks to the tweaks in the upper, it has improved even more in aspects such as comfort, breathability or support.

The 10mm drop midsole maintains the high level of cushioning, reactivity and comfort that characterizes this versatile model that can dare with almost any weight (although those who have a lot, may also value using its companion Fresh Foam 1080). Underneath it has a very successful sole, which guarantees a very high stability thanks to the contact surface and high adhesion, thanks to the Expanded Blown Rubber type on the ends and NDurance on the heel.

It is suitable for use in all types of training, both those based on filming and those of chicha (okay, it is not a mixed shoe, and it does not have the profile of Fresh Foam Tempo, for example, but without a doubt it is one of the best options on your profile). Those who do not use flying machines in races, or mixed, can rest assured that they can use it in competition, especially if they are medium or long distance, which is where all the work carried out in the midsole is best used.

With a weight of 298gr in the male finish and 247gr in the female finish, the official price of New Balance Fresh Foam 880v11 is at € 140.

New Balance Fresh Foam 880v11 Women's Running Shoes - SS21-41

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