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New Balance Fresh Foam Iron BOA

We analyze the surprising New Balance Fresh Foam Iron BOA, the first running shoe or trail running to use double BOA® closure. That is the headline, but this Iron BOA is more than that. Share with your partner Fresh Foam Hierro 4 name and something else, but it is novel enough to walk (rather, run) alone as it has its own characteristics and personality.

From the outset that high booty structure, crowned by a kind of bowl-gaiter that aims to protect from foreign elements and that the race with it runs smoothly due to strange agents.

The fabric also has nothing to do with most of what we have seen ... and it is a lot. This "crocodile skin" is not only appearance, it is an engineering where weft and warp create a shield to protect the foot and make this upper one of the most resistant and durable seen so far.

Different environments, long distances, training and competition ... it seems that this new BOA Iron is going to dare with everything and wants to get directly into the category of the 10 best New Balance running shoes. Lets go see it.

Analysis New Balance Fresh Foam Iron BOA


The midsole of the new New Balance Fresh Foam Iron BOA is built with the material that gives it its name and which we already realized given what it was about New Balance Fresh Foam, the smart foam that came to stay.

In summary, Fresh Foam is the combination of material and design in a one-piece midsole. Its origin is in the New Balance Research Lab, in Massachusetts, and the result is a soft, light and comfortable foam that, in addition, thanks to the design is flexible and stable. At the material level, say that FF is a compound based on thermoplastic polymers that seek to cushion but also do it comfortably.

About design, it must be said that it is a technological achievement that, without additional materials or parts, is composed is able to provide cushioning and stability and that this is leaving the foot to move more naturally. New Balance achieves the panacea, thanks to concave and other convex shapes, with which it plays according to the model, to provide more firmness or smoothness, more stability control, or less, depending on the needs or profile to whom the shoe

Thus, a midsole topped with concave shapes on the outside of the heel, mainly, allows the entrance, the moment of impacting on the ground when running, is smoother and progressive. Instead, the convex forms on the inside, what they are looking for is stabilize, precisely once that first impact has already taken place and we carry all our weight while the foot rotates during the transition of the tread. And if more stability is needed, New Balance adds more convex or larger hexagonal shapes. This is determined by Data To Design, the analysis system used by New Balance with the contribution of tread studies of thousands of runners and brokers, from the newest to the NB Team professionals and then moved to the design and creation of new models or the improvement of existing ones.

In any case, this FF Iron BOA, benefits from this type of damping, which is already giving clues that it will be a great option in all types of exits, but especially those that have to endure many hours or distance. Since even the shoes for neutral tread, such as this Iron BOA, also incorporate some of these convex shapes, the shoe provides a very good stability point for the last kilometers, when one or one is more physically punished and costs more to maintain The tread as when we started.

The height of the midsole of this Fresh Foam Iron BOA is neither high nor low, but somewhat medium, thanks to a heel that rises up to 28mm and a metatarsal area that does so up to 20mm. The drop or drop then, from the heel to the toe, is 8mm.


The New Balance Fresh Foam Iron BOA sole is another of the great technical arguments of this model, especially for the use of Vibram® Megagrip. East It is a high performance rubber compound that the Italian brand Vibram® produces for some high-end New Balance models and that aims to provide greater grip, both on dry and wet surfaces, adapting to the terrain and all with a very high durability.

Vibram® Megagrip provides great adhesion and durability, but not everything stays there. In the design of the taqueado and its distribution throughout the sole we find more good arguments in favor of this BOA Iron.

At first, it must be said that the design of the sole is very aggressive, with a multitude of prominent heels from the heel to the toe. They have a hexagonal shape, a type of structure that allows traction in all directions, which are mountain running situations, especially in technical places. Also if the ground we find below is irregular.

Precisely the largest tacos are found under the metatarsals, the place that is most in contact with the ground will be, especially on the climbs, and where we will put more pressure.

New Balance has thought about leaving a generous separation between all of them, in order to better adapt the sole to irregularities of the terrain and, above all, to expel the excess mud that we can find along the way. This ejecting the mud helps the individual design of each taco, narrower in the tip but widens as it rises and approaches the midsole. That kind of inverted cone base will be to blame for the mud not settling. And the separation will also positively influence the flexibility of the shoe, which is not needed then, the usual flex grooves that we see in other models.


The New Balance Fresh Foam Iron upper BOA is the star of the shoe since it is where it concentrates the most visible changes with respect to the shoe with which it can be compared the most: NB Fresh Foam Hierro v4.

And without a doubt what has caught the most attention of the whole world has been the double BOA closure since it is the first trail shoe that uses this resource. New Balance has had the view of reinforcing the closure of the upper with two elements that pull independently of the straps that ensure the support of the foot. Some straps in addition, of a remarkable forcefulness.

But as everything is a set, the mesh does not stand out for being weak, precisely, rather the opposite. The appearance of crocodile skin (or snake, which for all there are tastes) is not only aesthetic, it really is a mesh (to make a joke, we could say “chainmail”) where the resistance shown is somewhat few seen times.

Its thickness is no less than 2mm and it reminds a lot of cowhide or rather, the synthetic skin that is the one used today. It is a perforated mesh, which must be said to perspire, but it certainly does less than a mesh to use. Of what there is no doubt is his resistance, the best he has. To the whole fabric weave, New Balance has added two wire grids, one black and one transparent that cover all that mesh giving it even more resistance.

Returning to the BOA closure, it must be said that it consists of a disk (in this case two) through which a single cord is passed. When you squeeze the disc, it catches the cord you pick inside while turning. Each "click" heard corresponds to 1mm of collected cord. You spin the disc until you notice how well the foot has been secured. And if after taking a few steps you can still see something loose, one, two, three clicks are rotated, whatever it takes until you get the right fit.

As I said, this BOA Iron incorporates two discs. The first has a cord passed by a strip that is born on the opposite side of the shoe. It is inserted in the midsole, on the inside, and when stretching it is attached to the foot holding it by the highest part of the forefoot. The other disc has the thread passed by two other strips and a buttonhole just over the birth of the little finger. When that second disc is rotated, the effect is the same, with which all the mediopie is subject.

Loosening both cords is very easy: it is stretched from the disc and “clack!” A spring releases them suddenly. In tightening and loosening, words are more used to explain it than actually to do it, so, in conclusion, it is an effective system that is also very fast, both to fit in and to take off your shoes. And obviously it is also to release and re-tighten, if necessary.

In the Toe Protect ™ toe it looks smaller than in other models, especially if we compare it again with Fresh Foam Iron v4. That the anchoring of the cord is very close to that area seems to have influenced the designers to have trimmed the tips. Behind, there is still a buttress to stabilize the ankle when it hits the ground.

The bowl of Iron BOA is lower than the reference I am using continuously: Iron v4. But in exchange the leg is higher with what in the end the total height of both shoes is similar, although many the leg is leading them to think that this shoe is much taller. That gaiter is a thicker mesh now and behind it has the practical strip that helps to fit the shoe. Inside, it reaches almost the front area and next to the ankle NB has added a kind of foam shield to protect the foot from the pressure of the edge of the mesh

All the mesh is built without seams. The only ones we see are the fastenings of the strips that close with the cord and the only eyelet that is in the body of the shoe. Inside, a Durapontex® insole, made of a material similar to EVA, padded and lighter but softer, and with a generous 5mm thickness, will increase the feeling of comfort. You can withdraw if someone wants to enter their own template.

Summary New Balance Fresh Foam Iron BOA

New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro BOA is an amazing trailrunning model designed for those look for a comfortable and cushioned midsole that takes you for many kilometers, a strong sole and with guarantee for all types of surface, and a strong upper very protective with the foot. If you plan to make great kilometers and for all types of terrain, this Iron BOA will be a good companion.

The 8mm drop Fresh Foam midsole will ensure a smooth cushioning of the entire path, while the Vibram® sole with a great design in the tacking will guarantee grip on any surface, both dry and wet.

The upper is surprising and protects the runner or runner a lot, both in the subject and against external elements or durability. Surprising by the double BOA closure and by the mesh, a strength and resistance not very common that pushes the final weight of the shoe up to 358gr.

To take into account the place of use, if it is to be in extremely hot areas, due to the lower breathability of the mesh than others weaker and more open. And for those who are afraid to kick rocks until breaking the BOA closure, it exists as a replacement. So that should not be a problem to continue using the shoe in the event that it happened.

The official price of New Balance Fresh Foam Iron BOA is € 160 (see Offers) -

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