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We analyze New Balance FuelCell Propel, a new model of the FuelCell family of the American brand, characterized by using this novel compound that provides highly reactive damping.

FuelCell Propel is a shoe that benefits from the properties of the new cushioning, but to crush them mainly in a training environment and that can use different types of runner and runner profiles. Unlike FuelCell 5280, which is an extreme competition shoe, and also FuelCell Rebel, also with an aggressive cut in its design and that applies to both quality training and competition; This Propel arrives with the will to serve a greater range of people in this race on foot and the search for the best performance focused on training.

As expected, we are in front of a model where comfort of use is important. It’s a shoe cushioned, but agile and light (only 262gr in the finish of man and 200gr in that of woman) due to FuelCell that provides greater drive and rebound for all types of races, whether they are training or if they are taken to any road race.

We see it in detail


The New Balance FuelCell Propel midsole is Built entirely of FuelCell. This is a buffered compound, but with a high degree of rebound and here it is focused on working in daily training. To do this, mount a midsole 27mm high in the heel area and 21mm in the metatarsals for a 6mm drop The heights already indicate that the thickness of the midsole is generous and able to withstand the continuous crushing of the workouts.

FuelCell is a foam that is injected with nitrogen to achieve that reactive damping that is currently on the cusp of New Balance as the best it has developed so far. It also aims to be durable and that is something that we are all going to test given the recent release of the oven, as we explained not long ago in the presentation for the top of these models in New York. If at that time we warned of what was to come, now it is a reality, as with this Propel.

The midsole is designed for those who have a neutral or seedling tread. However, it is striking in the sense that the part closest to the foot has the usual width, but as it goes down to the ground, the midsole widens giving way to a base in contact with the ground much wider than the part high. New Balance has sought here more surface in contact with the ground and where to distribute the effect of the tread, making it more stable.

As if that were not enough, the midsole climbs laterally slightly more than the height of the foot to encapsulate it and keep it even more stable in place.


The New Balance FuelCell Propel sole is made primarily of NDurance®, a type of classic solid rubber in New Balance. It may be surprising that with the novelty of the new midsole and the model itself, the American brand does not accompany it with a new material. Everything has its explanation and here you have to find it in the reliability of this compound and that he will work in a shoe designed to make many kilometers with her.

One of the characteristics of NDurance® is that it is a type of soft rubber that will provide great adhesion on hard surfaces such as asphalt. Another peculiarity of NDurance® is that it is a type of rubber with a great balance between lightness and durability (usually soft rubber usually lasts considerably less than solid rubber, but in exchange its adhesion is much higher).

At the design level there are two large stripes that cross the sole. The one that goes from the heel to the toe helps to correctly guide the foot during the transition of the tread. The other, the transversal from side to side in the forefoot, what it does is favor flexibility. The tacos themselves have a hexagonal shape that facilitates traction in all kinds of circumstances. All this we find distributed in five large plates, being the toe and under the metatarsals the most involved in the drive. On the other hand, the one that is right on the heel, uses a harder solution to increase the durability in this part so suffered for wear.


The New Balance FuelCell Propel upper is very striking because of the seemingly tall midsole. It is only an optical effect since, as I explained before, it rises laterally to better contain the foot in its place. The height of the heel, to help fit the shoe, feeds the sensation of a large shoe.

All features come together in a shoe designed for daily training. Like the lateral reinforcement strips: a succession of threads sewn to the mesh and rising and falling laterally for better support. This is Trace Fiber and on the inside they have no contact with the foot since the soft lining of the bowl keeps it between it and the outer mesh.

Speaking of sewing, in the heel of FuelCell Propel the same Trace Fiber technology is used and the typical buttress that stabilizes the ankle when hitting the ground, has also been replaced by a weft of thread that runs side by side the heel and that manages, with less force, to contain the heel with much less weight than a rigid piece.

The mesh is Hipoknit type. Is lightweight, breathable and with heat-sealed reinforcements on the toe to protect the fingers and that this area resists day-to-day shipping better.

As a good daily training shoe, within this FuelCell Propel, there is a template (4mm) that can be removed at will to introduce the one of those who use their own templates.

Those who are bothered that the tabs move laterally and worry when they see the lack of practice pull where the laces pass, tell them that nothing happens, because if they open the shoe more they will observe that Its construction is loot type and the tongue is part of the body of the same: It won’t move a millimeter. It is not very thick, but it has the same smooth finish as the whole bowl and allows anyone who likes to run without socks to do so with total comfort.


Go ahead that the foot enters much easier than it seems since even being a booty structure, the tongue has room to stretch and give way. Little time is lost in the process, something to be grateful for.

The first steps, without any impact, you already notice a soft damping. I have used this FuelCell Propel on asphalt, cement and sidewalks. I have not taken it by land because I think its ideal terrain is all kinds of hard surface that gives meaning to this midsole and a soft rubber tacking adherent. When I have changed my way and it has gone through land, it has behaved as it should with a soft sole: total grip.

And as the soft rubber wears before by land, more reason to avoid it and focus mainly on the asphalt and lanes enabled for walkers / runners. What I have not come to test it yet is with the soil wet from the rain, which at this time seems more difficult to wait for it.

In any case the cushioning is very soft. Who expects a firm touch that is forgotten since it is rather soft, although later the material responds. It reminds me of the Nike React, although I think this FuelCell improves it, at least in a training shoe like this Propel. We will see with others more nervous. I’ve taken it at different rates from 3:45 ’to 5’30” and I think calm rhythms hit him more than agile ones. Noticing the width of the midsole and the large base of the sole pushes me to think about it.

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Precisely that width of the midsole and sole clue as you dress them, because it looks like a billet of shoe, but in use it shows how light it is, so it fades a bit … better, of course. For width of the last, the cushioning and others, I could compare it with ASICS Gel Nimbus or with Nike Air Zoom Vomero … or even with Brooks Glycerin … but it would be false, because it is much more agile than those, and only because of the great difference in weight that separates them.


New Balance surprises with this FuelCell Propel to be able to bring the technology designed for a high use of rebound to daily training. With this model it achieves a very good combination of reactive and durable cushioning with a high sense of comfort.

The brokers and brokers that this FuelCell Propel is aimed at are those who are looking for Daily training shoes, light, cushioned and reactive and that will be used regardless of the type of distance to travel. In addition, given their configuration they do not deserve to take them to any competition, although New Balance already has other models of mixed shoes, such as New Balance 890, or directly from competition such as New Balance 1400 and 1500 or the brown beast of just 170gr that It’s New Balance Hanzo.

The rhythms to which to use them do not have to be the fastest on the track (for that there are other models) and it makes sense to use them in a way optimal from around 4:30 ”a thousand, and from then on as they are designed to roll as a priority. The convenience of use is another factor to take into account.

The weight is 262gr in men and 200gr in women while the drop is 6mm. Having seen it, she is already a clear candidate to enter the list of the 10 best running shoes in New Balance.

Price New Balance FuelCell Propel

The price New Balance FuelCell Propel official is € 120. See Offers for men and women.


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