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New Balance Solvi 2 | Featured Features and Opinions

We analyze the characteristics of New Balance Solvi 2, a daily training model for runners and runners of neutral or seedling tread. Solvi 2 has a classic look, no fuss, but it hides a technical range shoe that can cough an entire 880v9, without leaving New Balance.

Solvi 2 combines two materials in the midsole with the objective of cover all demands for damping, reactivity, elastic memory and rebound which is required of those who want to be in the group above and also marks distances from the competition.

To do this, use weapons such as losing weight of 300gr. Specifically, it reaches 295gr in men and 251gr in women.

As I said, it has a simple appearance but that does not lead to deception since it is only appearance: that upper of soft lines hides an engineering mesh with quality details such as that the great “N”, American brand logo, is 100% reflective

Well this Solvi 2, which is included in the NBX family of New Balance (sharing space with another model like 880v9, or even the nervous 890v7), has little things to explain ... Let's go with it.

Analysis New Balance Solvi 2


The New Balance Solvi 2 midsole is focused on those who have a Neutral tread or seedling. Its function, as a good daily training shoe, is to cushion and be on time ready for the next stride or hit the ground. In addition, it must be strong enough to achieve this over time or kilometers. And also have an acceptable level of rebound. Well, for all this, New Balance uses one of its best technologies in running shoes: TruFuse.

TruFuse It consists of using two similar materials, but with nuances between them and distributing them in a concrete way along the midsole. Those in Boston do not use auxiliary damping systems such as Nike (Air), ASICS (Gel) or Mizuno (Wave), for example. Therefore, they have to take great care in the elaboration of the compounds and in the design of the midsole itself.

First, TruFuse materials are two: Acteva and Abzorb. Acteva (in black in the photo) is a derivative of EVA (Ethylee Vinyl Acetate) that is much more cushioned than a standard EVA and is also lighter, with greater rebound and durability. The other compound is Abzorb (in the photo in white), which in turn is the result of mixing DuPont ™ elastomers and Engage® Polyopheel elastomers that together focus especially on damping and make it light.

The design must be sought in that New Balance places Acteva along the sole of the foot, in the part closest to it, while Abzorb is in the half closest to the ground. If we remove every common denominator, we are left with the material with the most rebound under the foot, while the one that best absorbs the impact is closer to the ground.

He drop, or difference in height between the heel to the ground, with respect to that of the metatarsals to the ground is 10mm.


The New Balance Solvi v2 sole is mainly manufactured with Ndurance ™, a type of solid rubber characteristic of New Balance in high-end models. Also in this he shares his way with his sister 880v9, especially in the design, which although not 100% the same, they drink from the same source.

This means that New Balance Solvi 2 has the sole structured into two large areas (the front and the rear), each divided into two other blocks. The back is split in two to better fit the first impact when the foot contacts the ground. It can be said that it is a modular structure, which will especially help those who enter heel, when running.

The front block is split to favor flexibility. The part below the metatarsals is clearly visible thanks to New Blance changing the color to highlight it, and where, to improve adhesion, the surface in contact with the ground is wider.

Since solid rubber is hard, the entire sole is full of grooves that go from side to side to help with flexibility. And of all the flex grooves, the widest ones are, of course, in the metatarsal area.


The New Balance Solvi 2 upper has a classic look, with smooth lines and no great color contrasts. Who likes the postureo more than running, it may not be what he loves most, but for those who go for work, it will come as a ring to the finger, since complies with all the needs of breathability, support and lightness.

Thus, the mesh is one piece, without seams. It has large openings not only for the area of ​​the fingers, but from the middle area and turning 180 °. Normally the middle area is usually closed because it is busier, but New Balance, to maintain high breathability without losing support uses the large “N” that serves as a logo, to reinforce the area. By the way, said "N" is 100% reflective, to give maximum utility.

The tongue is attached to the body of the shoe by the base. It is generously padded and, to prevent it from sliding down the sides, it incorporates the practical strip where some flat cords are passed avoiding annoying displacement.

The template is spongy, 4mm thick. Underneath it still has a padded footbed of another 2mm thickness that helps keep the feeling comfortable.

On the heel we must highlight the large reflective piece, the largest I've seen in a long time and that will ensure that, in case of running through areas of low light, if a vehicle is located behind, it is very visible to the reflection of its own light. This is very useful to ensure safety if it is usually run at dusk, even by road.

Even on the heel, there is a more or less rigid and not visible structure, which is responsible for stabilizing the ankle when hitting the ground, when running.


Before trying them on, I had my doubts about how it would be since it is apparently very similar to the 880v9 model, also from NB. Another aspect of which I had doubts is that it does not seem very flexible ... To this second I have a song in my teeth because it is more flexible than it seems. It is true that in the hands it is difficult to flex first, but when it does, it bends easily. And running this is even easier.

Be take the foot very well, perfectly tight and I just think it should be noted that, although it does not fall short, if someone usually moves between two numbers depending on the brand or model, I would recommend that you choose the highest of the two (that is, if normally I use 42-43, for Solvi 2 I would ask for a 43).

Running The touch is very firm. It does not have that soft, soft cushioning that characterizes the New Balance models of the Fresh Foam family, such as 1080v9, More or Lazr. New Balance has been betting lately on soft and soft midsole and, if not for 880v9, I would say that it surprises in that regard.

The fact of using it by asphalt or sidewalks, its natural environment, makes it noticeable firm cushioning. It's not a shoe to go necessarily fast, but it gives better sensations to medium and somewhat fast rhythms, which are very slow, where you spend more time cushioning and getting out of the tread. The grip is very good, without passing it overland, although the design of the tackling already conveys that there will not be problems.


New Balance Solvi 2 is a very daily training shoe solvent and even direct competition from your partner 880v9, best known by many usual brokers and brokers. Of course, although the feedback is very similar to 880v9, the price is somewhat better, therefore, that must also be taken into account 😉

In fact, I think that the best thing about Solvi 2 is the good value for money, considering what is being paid today for a good technical range shoe like this one.

It is a great option for the usual day-to-day workouts and if it is combined with mixed shoes for fractional or series workouts, it would be a great success.

The firmness of which he spoke before is due to Trufuse, the combination in the midsole of two foams such as Acteva and Abzorb that provide lightness, cushioning and durability. The NDurance sole provides a good balance between grip and durability. The drop that handles is 10mm.

The weight is 295gr in the male finish and 251gr in the female.

This New Balance Solvi 2 has an official price of € 120 (see offers).

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