News : New Brooks Donation to Healthcare Workers

News :

New Brooks Donation to Healthcare Workers

They have done it again. On April 8, we echoed an initiative by the American brand Brooks to make a direct gift to health workers. At that time we explained how and why they would give away 3000 pairs of one of their flagships in terms of Running shoes: the Glycerin model. Now they repeat experience with as many pairs.

Well, 3000 more health professionals will be able to enjoy this new batch of shoes. And as in the previous time, they will be aimed at health professionals from all over Europe who register at the link indicated below.

Although we will have to wait until Thursday at 3:00 pm for the form to be active. At the moment and until tomorrow at 3:00 pm, you can only see the message of thanks to those who entered and registered on April 8 until completing the availability of sneakers.

Under the motto of "Our heroes wear robes" Brooks Emea will ask those who want to get a pair of shoes for free such as their name, address, shoe size and some information about their relationship with the healthcare environment, as well as a photo / document that verifies that they really are part of the healthcare system.

The only limitation Brooks puts is that, obviously: people who already won the sneakers last month, cannot re-request that they send them another pair, so that the free sneakers reach the maximum number of people. And here the link to find out what characteristics the Brooks Glycerin shoe has.

Link to the registry that will open tomorrow, Thursday the 14th at 3pm:

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