News : New World Record for Manuel Alonso at 85, this time 1,500

News : New World Record for Manuel Alonso at 85, this time 1,500

Alonso celebrates his new record in Gallur

It is without a doubt the proper name of the week. And one of the most outstanding athletes so far in 2021. At the age of 85, the incombustible Manuel Alonso once again gives us a lesson in motivation and hunger. And of envy, so that we are going to deceive ourselves. Because we would all sign to reach that age like this. After breaking the World Record of 800 in category +85 on March 21 with a mark of 3:08:06 (surpassing the previous one of Earl Fee since March 2014 in Hungary of 3:11:09), Alonso has achieved the world record of 1,500 with a time of 6: 28.30.

Gallur, your ‘magical’ place

Has done it again on the Gallur track in Madrid and in the Club Master Cup that took place this Saturday. The previous record was held by the legendary Ed Whitlock with a record of 6:38:87. Alonso has run at a pace of 4: 19 / km. Alonso has been breaking the mold for years and achieving milestones. He has been seven times world champion and 10 European champion. It is the 16th world record that he has achieved in his career.

Undoubtedly, the umpteenth sample of motivation and the good shape of Alonso, who still has a lot to give in his legs. ‘Chapeau’.

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