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Neymar - Anger in Disneyland of Football - Sport

  • Footballer Neymar wants to move to FC Barcelona, ​​where they want to take him, his current club Paris Saint-Germain would like to get rid of him. Nevertheless, the situation seems to be blocked.
  • For Neymar 2017, PSG paid the record bill of 222 million euros - and has now called a market-distant price of 300 million euros. Barça does not have that much money.
  • An option would be a barter deal, possibly combined with a loan with a fixed purchase option.

It is not easy to decipher what is really going on in Neymar Júnior, 27, these days. What is targeted disinformation? What propaganda? What kind of the truth? A few days ago, Neymar's employer, Paris Saint-Germain, posted a photo on the club's website, which shows an enthusiastically smiling Neymar holding his arm around strike partner Kylian Mbappé, 20. The picture looked as if PSG's training ground was something of a disneyland for kicking millionaires. But no one knows in what context the picture was made, which joke preceded. And who knows if there is not a little drama behind the bliss. The drama of uncertainty.

Neymar, that much is certain, returned to Paris a week ago against his will from his Brazilian homeland, after a long-term vacation. On Tuesday PSG was in Dresden for a test match at Dynamo, which won the French champions with 6: 1, and PSG coach Thomas Tuchel then revealed, even before the start of the Copa America, so more than a month ago, to have known that Neymar wants to leave Paris. From several sources it is said that Neymar even said goodbye at the end of last season - by fellow players and co-workers. All the more unpleasant to have to present again in Paris - for now, to complete training after his injury training. And to earnest hope that a sword will be found that will smash the knot. Neymar wants to go to Barcelona, ​​where they want to take him, Paris would like to get rid of him. Nevertheless, the situation seems to be blocked.

Serie A Ronaldo and the expensive talents

Ronaldo and the expensive talents

Juve finally wants to win the Champions League and is ready to spend much more money. In addition to Matthijs de Ligt to bring more hope - the space for Sami Khedira is scarce.By Birgit Schönau

That Neymar wants away, should have sporting and economic reasons. Its most important advertising market is Brazil; The revenues he earns beyond his salary guarantee him services in the tens of millions. But: His presence in the country is declining, which also has to do with the fact that France's league, unlike the Spanish in Brazil is not transferred. Numerous affairs have additionally gnawed at Neymar's image - and used up the patience of the Qatari owners of PSG.

In Paris you can hear that PSG has long had something of a sacred anger on Neymar. Especially since the Brazilian recently rummaged in the deepest wound of PSG history. His best experience as a footballer was the 6-1 with Barça against PSG in the 2017 Champions League, he had said in an interview. An affront that was present to everyone when new PSG manager Leonardo de Aráujo, a former Brazilian national player, rebuffed Neymar in the stateroom.

Neymar's most beautiful experience? A 6: 1 with Barcelona - against Paris

As witnesses report, Leonardo has confirmed what had been leaked before: Neymar will receive the largest possible fine for the one-week extension of the leave, which provides the regulations. Leonardo also forbade Neymar to be "welcome back" on social networks; the workforce should instead remember that Neymar had allowed themselves days off while the rest of the team toiled for a week. The tense climate at the end of last season is unlikely to have improved. The training work without Neymar was, as can be heard in Paris, to the great satisfaction of the coaching staff; the result was to be appraised at Dresden 6: 1. Dynamo is only a second division, but in preparation much further than PSG - and was still played on the wall and run. Especially Mbappé impressed, so the man so probably the biggest beneficiary of the possible Neymar farewell should be.

Should Neymar go, funds would be freed to overpoward Mbappé with money - and to make its medium term foreseeable switch to another top club at least as expensive as possible. The Spanish newspaper El País wrote on Friday that Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola maintains contact with Mbappé. The gap between the merits of Neymar and Mbappé is enormous. Mbappé is expected to net twelve million euros annually, Neymar earns more than three times as much. So far. In case of a change to Barça Neymar would forgo money.

The problem remains how Barça should handle the transfer. For Neymar 2017, PSG paid the record bill of 222 million euros - and has now called a market-distant price of 300 million euros. Barça does not have that much money. When the French World Champion Antoine Griezmann (formerly Atlético Madrid) was presented as the most recent access, Barça president Josep Maria Bartomeu said that the 120 million euro transfer fee had to be scraped together. They asked for outstanding bills (85 million euros) and took out a more than six-month loan (35 million euros). The implicit message of this transparency: PSG! We do not have any money! So take players!

Barcelona would like to get rid of Coutinho and Ivan Rakitic, but the interest in the two at PSG is manageable, so Barça is looking for other buyers. Most likely, another Barça player would substitute for Neymar: Ousmane Dembélé. Tuchel knows him so well from Dortmunder days that he is well aware of his dark side: his lack of discipline. Although Barça officially declares Dembélé unsalable, in contacts with PSG they brought it into play a few days ago for the first time as a barter object. But even then the additional payment of an amount X would be due. Possibly using a formula that PSG used in the case of Mbappé. In 2017, the club loaned the striker from Monaco officially, with a mandatory purchase option over 180 million euros. Barça whispers, the coming week could be decisive. And Neymar's environment spreads optimism: The player is sure that he will switch to Barça. Rather sooner than later

Football And now another 300 million

Transfers by Griezmann and Neymar

And now another 300 million

Already to get Antoine Griezmann, the FC Barcelona had to tap into existing credit lines - puzzling, as well as the Brazilian Neymar should be financed.By Javier Cáceres

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