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Neymar at PSG: deeper and deeper into the dead end - Sport

Neymar pushes the conflict with PSG to the extreme. Suffering from the grueling transfer soap is his coach Thomas Tuchel.

Comment by Javier Cáceres

Neymar, 27, has been warned that he is nearing a dead end over the course of his career. And yet hardly a week goes by without the Brazilian striker maneuvering deeper into it. The latest episode: The striker, who moved from Barcelona to Paris two years ago for the record payout of 222 million euros, wants to return from the Seine to the Mediterranean. Even if he pays PSG so generously - after two seasons in France, he is convinced that he is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This happens, the desire for a change is legitimate. But now, Neymar has driven the smoldering conflict with PSG for months to the extreme. He apparently extended his stay in the mild winter of Rio de Janeiro arbitrarily. And PSG beckons with the French labor law and announces a "reasonable punishment". The compassion must be limited.

International Football In the chat group of Lionel Messi

In the chat group of Lionel Messi

Brazilian Neymar may soon announce his return to FC Barcelona. This deal is about adventurous buzz - and a new mega-storm.By Javier Cáceres

Interestingly enough, Neymar seems to realize that the time has come to find himself. In recent years, it has become the prototype of an industry in which sport is of peripheral importance when in doubt. In the public's perception, he has become a money-crazed, greed-driven pop star whose footballing essence and existence have evaporated.

Sadder is Neymar coach Thomas Tuchel

How quickly you can become redundant, Neymar could observe at the just ended Copa América of the Vip tribunes of the Brazilian stadiums. Relieved by the media noise that surrounds Neymar, the Seleção have won their first South American title since 2007. Mago coach Tite has made his footballing foster son one of the top three in the world - by saying that Neymar is "indispensable, but not irreplaceable" Tite kept right.

Neymar's decision to leave Paris may be considered irreversible at the present time. Whether he makes the jump, is another matter. In the football business they say this today and tomorrow, "It's unbelievable, but it's true," said PSG manager Leonardo.

Suffering from the foreseeable long and grueling soap around Neymar is in any case the German PSG coach Thomas Tuchel. The transfer activities of PSG stand and fall with the Neymar staff. Should he eventually have to stay in Paris, Tuchel runs the risk of having an incredibly talented player in the cabin who has completed his project with PSG. A time bomb. This will not change the claim of the PSG owners to Tuchel to win the Champions League trophy.

International Football Rebellion in the Golden Cage

Rebellion in the golden cage

Neymar provokes a scandal at Paris Saint-Germain because he wants to move to FC Barcelona. But a transfer is complicated - because the relationships between the two clubs are very bad.By Javier Cáceres

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