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Neymar at PSG: Rebellion in the Golden Cage - Sport

  • Brazilian Neymar wants to leave PSG to return to FC Barcelona.
  • He even stays away from training to force a transfer.
  • Now it gets complicated, because Barcelona can not pay a price of 300 million euros.

By Javier Cáceres, Rio de Janeiro

At the weekend, there were two things about the Brazilian footballer Neymar. First, that he would be sitting in the main hall of the Maracanã to attend the final of the Copa América, Brazil defeating Peru 3-1. Second: that Neymar's employer Paris Saint-Germain would start the preparations for the season under coach Thomas Tuchel on Monday. Given the 9000 kilometers separating Rio and Paris, it was clear that Neymar would not meet this deadline.

Now it came to a scandal: On Monday evening, PSG announced that Neymar, 27, had been absent without training, they will "take the appropriate measures" and prosecute the swarmed by FC Barcelona striker labor law. The postponed statement by Neymar that he had "commercial" and "institutional dates" communicated to PSG months ago, and that he plans to be in Paris on July 15, rejected PSG. In martial words, on Tuesday the front pages of the newspapers Sports and El Mundo Deportivo from Barcelona, ​​this means in summary: There is "war".

The tablecloth between Neymar and PSG has been cut for some time. But there had never been a public scandal between the parties. Neymar plays in Paris since 2017, PSG transferred to Barça a transfer fee of 222 million euros. The promise to be the heir to world footballer Lionel Messi was never met by Neymar at PSG.

International football Neymar is unavailable at the start of the training

Neymar is unavailable at the training start

The willing to change Brazilian threatens a penalty at PSG. The Frenchman Julian Alaphilippe drives in the yellow jersey at the Tour de France.Messages at a glance

Instead: injuries, affairs, a brawl, referee disputes, barriers, parties and rape allegations involving Brazil's judiciary (which may have given rise to a small talk issue with controversial Justice Minister Sergio Moro; Moro was on the Vip tribune with Neymar on Sunday). So now the rebellion to force the return to Barça.

Barcelona should try to charge the transfer fee

In an interview with Le Parisien The new PSG manager Leonardo confirmed "superficial contacts" with Barça, Neymar's position was "clear to all concerned". In other words, Neymar has clearly stated that he wants to leave Paris. He has long been in agreement with Barcelona. A goodbye would only be possible if "there was an offer that suited all those involved," said Leonardo. "At the moment this is concrete: his contract will run for another three years and since we did not receive an offer, we can not discuss it." At the moment, you do not know if anyone wants to buy it. And if so, "at what price".

The trigger for Neymar's move to Paris was a match between PSG and FC Barcelona in the Champions League, and in March 2017 the Catalans eliminated PSG by a 6-1 victory. Neymar had contributed two goals at that time, but the covers in the newspapers cleared Messi. The Argentine had placed himself on an advertising board at Camp Nou and thus provided the motive for an iconic photo. Neymar's plan to step out of Messi's Paris failed. Now he has "Saudade", as people call desire in Brazil: longing for Barcelona.

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