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Neymar - summit in Paris - sports

Barcelona is intensifying its struggle with PSG striker Neymar, who is determined to leave Paris. But Madrid is still in wait.

A few days before the end of the current transfer period, FC Barcelona has intensified its efforts to get rid of Brazilian striker Neymar Júnior, 27, at Paris St.-Germain. On Tuesday, a high-ranking delegation of the Catalan football club went to the French capital to negotiate with PSG manager Leonardo. Barça's delegation was led by CEO Óscar Grau. The newspaper Le Parisien reported after the four-hour round, Barcelona offered 170 million euros, payable in two installments. Both camps are said to have confirmed an approximation according to media reports. An agreement before the transfer (2 September) was possible.

Theoretically, a 170-million offer was far below PSG's expectations. Neymar moved from Barcelona to PSG in 2017 for the record payout of 222 million euros. At the beginning of the current Neymar debate PSG had called a purchase price of 300 million euros. This is beyond the possibilities Barças. The club had recently had to take out a loan to replace Antoine Griezmann for 120 million euros at Atlético Madrid. A settlement with professionals from the Barça squad was previously also considered difficult. Candidates like Ousmane Dembélé either do not want to leave Barça or are considered unsalable - just like PSG player Semedo, a right-back.

In the face of this conflict, there were even doubts as to whether Barcelona was seriously interested in the injury-susceptible Neymar. One speculation in Barcelona was that the club was negotiating for the gallery, Captain Lionel Messi is said to have stated internally that he wishes Neymar's commitment. The news of the round of negotiations in Paris has been deliberately spread to the media to show Messi: We are trying everything to get Neymar.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid remains in wait. Trainer Zinédine Zidane is considered an opponent of Neymar's commitment; Club boss Florentino Pérez but would like to see the Brazilian in a white dress. Unlike Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid also has sufficient funds. The problem: Neymar clearly prefers a move to FC Barcelona. The fact that Real Madrid announces that Neymar is not a priority is also a matter of prestige. Pérez has in the past several times vainly stopped by Neymar - and collected abductions. That should not be repeated. Pérez would only throw his hat in the ring when Barça retreats. A confession of Neymar was also missing on Tuesday, at least relative to the sport. On Tuesday he spread a bizarre video clip: He stepped with a mask in front of the camera and said he had fulfilled a dream: in the TV series "House of the money" to play along.

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