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NFL - Kasim Edebali on constant change: "In the end I was paid"

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    Kasim Edebali, 30, is a football professional from Hamburg, he plays since 2014 in the National Football League (NFL) in the United States. For the first three years he was regularly used by the New Orleans Saints. But for two and a half years, the defender is looking for a sporting home. Edebali plays in the Special Team, the goal of the unit is to secure their own offensive or defensive a good field position.

MIRROR ONLINE: Mr. Edebali, the Philadelphia Eagles are your seventh NFL club since March 2017. Is this the next new start or the last chance for you?

Kasim Edebali: A little bit of both. Two and a half weeks ago, I sat with my family on the couch and relaxed. And then Philly called and asked, 'Can you play in two days?' I've just turned 30 - and I'll never say no when I get an offer to play football. The NFL is the biggest thing for me.

MIRROR ONLINE: They played in Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Chicago and Cincinnati over the past two and a half years. Now you are in Philadelphia. Where are you at home?

Edebali: I live in Phoenix with my wife and our two daughters. But as soon as I get a chance somewhere in the NFL, I want to use it immediately.

MIRROR ONLINE: Your Twitter profile says "Outside Linebacker for the Chicago Bears." The Bears are not even your last club, but already the penultimate. Does not it make sense to update your account?

Edebali: I like to joke. Of course, my clubs are changing so often lately, so I wait until I find something stable. Then I will do an update.

MIRROR ONLINE: Their length of stay was between eight months at the Denver Broncos and only one week at the Los Angeles Rams. What was going on there?

Edebali: I have to get something out of this. The NFL is always about the squad size. 53 professionals of the squad are eligible to play. When I had to go to the Denver Broncos in November 2017, the Detroit Lions committed me one day later. A week later, Dwight Freeney launched one of the best players in my position, Seattle dismissing him. Detroit attacked immediately, so in my position was one too many in the squad - I had to go away again.

MIRROR ONLINE: And further?

Edebali: As a result, my former coach, who now works for the Rams, called me and said that they want to get me for the upcoming season. Then I was there a week, when a player had injured in another position - and the Rams thus had to get a new player. So one had to be released again. And that was me. But in the end I was paid for the one week anyway. So it was all good (laughs).

Season preparation includes four games for each of the 32 clubs in the NFL. During this time, 90 players belong to the team. By August 31, the clubs have to reduce their squads to 53 professionals. Edebali has joined the Philadelphia Eagles training camp as a contract-less player and has just under four weeks to qualify for a Special Team position. If he succeeds, he enters his seventh NFL season. With six completed seasons, Edebali has already significantly surpassed the average NFL career of 3.3 years.

MIRROR ONLINE: Currently you are at the Philadelphia Eagles. How did you travel to the training camp - with a large suitcase or light luggage?

Edebali: With a small backpack that is enough. In the training camp, I do not need much, it is important to learn quickly. I got a call on a Monday, if I can play Thursday? 'Of course', I answered, but still had to learn the whole playbook (the playbook is a folder with all the moves / d. Ed.). But that's important, you have to be able to quickly adapt to a new environment, teammates and a new system. If you can not do that, you will be dismissed very quickly.

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MIRROR ONLINE: What does it say about you that you had seven clubs in two and a half years?

Edebali: Either I'm doing something wrong or a lot right. Anyway, I have already seen some guys who were fired at a club and never got a chance again. But it is different with me. The clubs and coaches know that with me they get an experienced player, one who always gives full throttle, always 100 percent. That's why I keep getting calls.

MIRROR ONLINE: These many separations are an unworthy game.

Edebali: American Football is a professional sport, nothing is guaranteed, and if you're not a superstar in this league, every day can be your last.

MIRROR ONLINE: And how do you feel about it?

Edebali: I do not take the separations personally, one should not take them too much to heart. For example, I still have a good relationship with my coaches in New Orleans, and I'm in contact with those in Denver and Chicago - even though I was kicked out. For me it is clear: As long as someone wants me, I continue to play.

Many contracts in the NFL are strongly performance-related regulated: For example, is paid, whether one is on the game day in the squad, in how many moves on the court or if it creates the Allstar Game, the Pro Bowl. A premium for the contract signature is also common.

MIRROR ONLINE: How many times have you wondered if this makes any sense?

Edebali: Never. I left Germany in 2007, played two years at a high school in New Hampshire and then five years at Boston College. When I finished college, I was very happy. But then came my first NFL year. Since then I had really achieved everything that I could have imagined as a child. Therefore every additional year, every turn is a bonus.

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