News : NFL: Rob Gronkowski catches football from a helicopter – world record

News : NFL: Rob Gronkowski catches football from a helicopter – world record

The offseason in the NFL is actually characterized by news about contracts, trades or promising college players before the draft next Thursday (2 a.m. on Friday, stream: DAZN). Star tight end Rob Gronkowski now devoted himself to other challenges, which, however, also have to do with a football. While visiting his former college in Arizona, Gronkowski set a world record for catching an American football from the greatest height.

A helicopter had been specially organized from which a colleague dropped a football from 600 feet, about 180 meters, over the university’s football stadium. In the first two attempts, the ball slipped through the fingertips of Gronkowski, who was actually so sure of the catch. He caught the third attempt. With that he entered himself in the Guinness Book, previously the record was 563 feet, around 170 meters.

Superstar and fun cannon

Actually, Gronkowski had traveled to Arizona to take part in the traditional spring game as an honorary coach. Between 2007 and 2008 he ran for the Arizona Wildcats before he was drafted by the New England Patriots in 2010. At the side of Tom Brady, Gronkowski was part of a dynasty there, won three Super Bowls and made it to the All-Pro four times.

Most recently, Gronkowski extended his contract with Tampa Bay. The franchise has been able to keep all the regular players from the Super Bowl and is also one of the top favorites in the coming season. The new season starts on September 9th.

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