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Nicolas Gonzalez: One of the weirdest players - sports

Christian Gentner will never forget this picture. He still sees this in front of him, Dennis Aogo runs to the free kick, shoots, the ball rushes past the wall into the goal, the team members cheer. Christian Gentner reflexively pulls his arms up, but something is not right in this beautiful picture, Gentner already felt it then. Had not he just seen a shadow behind the wall, was not that one of his own crew? While Gentner thought so, the others around him still cheered, but first doubts mingled with the cheers. The referee fingered his headset, a now dreaded alarm signal throughout the world, and indeed, the gate was not a gate. The shadow behind the wall had invalidated it.

Since then, that considerable part of the world that deals with VfB Stuttgart or even keeps to him, this one question: What football God's will had the Stuttgart striker Nicolas Gonzalez at this moment behind the defensive wall of Union Berlin?

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It might be a good idea to interview the protagonist yourself, but you can not do that for at least two reasons. First, Gonzalez hurts the scene until today, one does not want to stir in the wound for no reason. Above all, secondly, he does not know it himself.

Of course you can tell the story of the Stuttgart relegation so pointed: The VfB has relegated, because in the relegation return leg at Union Berlin, a young Argentinian chose a wrong track. Nicolas Gonzalez was offside when his teammate hit Aogo.

Gonzalez is a spectacle in every way

But of course that's not a fair version of the Stuttgart relegation story. The VfB has relegated, "because we have played a grotesque season", as the former captain Gentner still says in the first person plural, although he now plays for the relegation opponent Union Berlin. When Gentner realized that there really was a shadow behind the wall, he immediately suspected that it could only have been Nico ...

Gonzalez, 21, is always there where nothing is normal or maybe nothing is normal when he is there. You do not know that exactly. The footballer Gonzalez is a spectacle in every way, the cameras always know that they get something from him, they just never know exactly what. Gonzalez is one of the strangest players in German professional football, and curious is that he shows his still somewhat special, but recognizably high talent currently not in the arenas in Munich or Dortmund, but about in the Erzgebirgsstadion in Aue, where the VfB on Friday opened the fourth league match day.

Chancentod, unlucky, Europe-wide courted top talent: Gonzalez is all in one, and who does not believe it, is recommended a compilation of the VfB game against St. Pauli last Saturday.

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