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Nike Running Shoes | The most complete Guide

We will explain different types of Nike running shoes and what type of runners are they designed for. All depending on If they are to train, to compete, to run in the mountains or are needed to walk or start running or use them in the Gym. This is what in "slang" is known as "silos". And it is that although running shoes may be similar in appearance, they are actually grouped by silos according to their characteristics.

Today Nike distinguishes four silos to encompass all its technical range Running shoes: Competition, Daily Races, Trail Running and Short Races. On the other hand would go Gym and Training.

It is a classification to the liking of those of Oregon and in all of them the technical characteristics of running shoes are given to a greater or lesser extent (cushioning, lightness, traction, breathability, support, durability, stability, etc., ...), but depending on which silo it belongs to, it is defined what type of construction and what type of broker and broker were they designed for.

We will explain the four and some of their most important models, highlighting those cheap Nike running shoes (or at a good price) and where to buy them.


In this silo are grouped shoes that, having everything you need, enhance above all the feeling of being comfortable and cushioned. The purpose, as the name suggests, is to make work easier for those who travel many kilometers or aim to run farther than they usually do. Both classic and newly created models have a place in it. We see some of them.


Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 is a Running shoe for daily training, although it does not detract if you take it to a race, thanks to its configuration. Its low weight of 280gr in the men's finish and 235gr in the women's, in proportion to the cushioning it uses, allows it. The rates at which it would be used would be those related to filming, but it is also versatile to use in fractional training without problems.

The cushioning, precisely, is focused on runners and runners who have a neutral footprint. It is based on a midsole built with light and reactive material such as React Foam and, to top off the set, an air chamber is inserted, just under the metatarsals, which adds to these properties a better drive. It is a new Zoom Air capsule, with greater volume and pressurized to 20 PSI in the case of men's shoes and 15 PSI in women's. The midsole heights are 24mm at the heel and 14mm at the forefoot, for a drop of 10mm.

The sole is the most continuous part of this model, with a large longitudinal groove to guide the tread and cleats where most are square or rectangular in shape for good traction. At the top, the upper is clean of reinforcement materials, but very light and breathable.

Pegasus is one of the best daily training shoes in the history of Running and this version 37 is perhaps the one that has a more stylized appearance (Pegasus Turbo apart), and although it is very light and versatile, without a doubt that to compete is better a flying shoe, or if it is also used for fractional training, a mixed shoe, for example.

The official price of Nike Air Zoom Pegasus is € 120. See Featured Offers.


Nike Air Zoom Vomero 14 is a daily training shoe for runners and neutral tread runners. Its main feature is the great cushioning it provides and, in addition, it is very soft. The weight stays at 306gr in the men's finish, while in the women's it reaches 251gr.

Vomero 14 is a great ally for those looking for a shoe to travel kilometers without problems, either training or in competition, both, the longer it is. Very good for preparing long distances such as half marathons or marathons ... and more. In competition it can be carried without problems, especially if the rhythms are above 4’30 ”and slower. For more cheerful rhythms, perhaps consider combining it with other types of shoes.

Its new midsole has dropped in height, but maintains the usual 10mm drop so far. This incorporates for the first time the React compound, coming from synthetic rubber and not from the traditional EVA. This allows it to give 11% more cushioning and 13% more rebound than the previous Lunarlon, which was already Nike's best to date. The sole also changes completely with respect to the previous Vomero. Now there is a design in three different areas with also different lugs. Together they work to correctly orient the footprint, from when it hits the ground until it takes off at the toe. The size and shape of the cleats has changed so that the sole is now more versatile than the previous one. Above, the upper uses Engineered Mesh, a mesh reinforced with Flywire cables that guarantee to keep the foot in place during all phases of the tread.

The official price that the Oregon brand gives to this Air Zoom Vomero is € 140. See offers.


Nike Infinity Run Flyknit is a daily training shoe designed to accumulate kilometers and, also, do it comfortably and safely. This is one of the models in which the American brand trusts that injuries will be avoided during use thanks to its careful cushioning. It is also light for its style since it is 291gr in the masculine finish and 252gr in the feminine.

It is in the midsole where the secret resides: a lot of material and very cushioned as is the React foam ... And that in addition to its construction a design is used that makes it softer in some parts and more robust in others to achieve additional stability, something that It will come in handy for those who need it or just have some overpronation. It is 33mm high at the heel and 24mm at the forefoot, for a 9mm drop. That in men, because in women the heights are 30.9mm and 22.5mm respectively, for a drop of 8.5mm.

Above, an improved Flyknit type mesh is used that will have more durability than the one that came in the previous finish. It uses up to three layers, but it is breathable and very flexible. On the bottom, in the sole, a rubber with irregular shapes is used, but focused on having durability in the rear area of ​​the heel and great grip on the forefoot, where the drive is made.

The official price for the Nike Infinity Run Flyknit is € 160. See selection discounts.


Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 is a daily training shoe but at the same time it contains elements sought after in shoes of another profile such as mixed or competition. It is visually cushioned and somewhat voluminous, but reactive, tremendously light and snug. I think it is a shoe that can be used by the entire range of runners and neutral treads who are looking for a very cushioned sport, and also for those who value adding to that cushioning with large doses of reactivity and lightness. And, incidentally, they do not mind that it is adjusted, at least the first sessions.

In my opinion you can make runs of all kinds and rhythms mainly on asphalt or urban environment. Its cushioning and lightness makes it a very good option for medium and long distance races in all kinds of rhythms, even fast ones.

The weight is 239gr in the men's finish and 195gr in the women's, while the Epic React Flyknit drop is now 9mm (26/17). Keep in mind that the structure is booty type, therefore loosening the laces does not have the same effect as in a shoe with tongue, where the sides open.

It is reminiscent of a competition shoe where the fit is greater than in a comfortable daily training shoe. In this Epic React Flyknit 2 I think it is done following the same philosophy. I do not know if it is correct, but I do know that its level of adjustment will perhaps surprise more than one.

The official price of Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 is € 150. See featured offers.


Nike's longest-running stability shoe, Air Zoom Structure 22, has been cushioning with very good overpronation control for more than two decades. Not surprisingly, if it has been preferred by several generations of athletes for something is. In fact, there is the curious case of Galen Rupp, an elite athlete, double Olympic medalist, including the marathon, who is capable of running great championships on the road with this shoe classified as daily training (Rupp falls from 27 'in 10k and 2h07 'in Marathon!).

“La Structure”, in its latest version, uses a high-end compound such as Lunarlon, for efficient and soft cushioning. Inside the midsole uses Dynamic Support to contain excess rotation at the ankle. In the front area, embedded in the Lunarlon, there is a Zoom Air capsule that will reactively cushion the footprint. The drop of the mediseula is the same for both sexes: 10mm. Underneath, on the sole, we find some hex-shaped studs to pull on all kinds of surfaces. In the upper cut, an Engineered Mesh type mesh, reinforced with Flywire cables, will take care of the support and breathability. Behind, in the heel area, a more voluminous buttress on the inside of the ankle will help stabilize when the stride lands.

In the end, with so many reinforcements and stabilizers, the weight stays at 326gr for the men's finish, and at 252gr for the women's one.

The official price of Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 is € 120. In offer.


Nike Odyssey React Flyknit 2 is a daily training shoe that takes care of stability, both in runners and runners with a neutral tread who likes that contribution or who have a slight overpronation.

For this, it is based on a midsole built with React material, very cushioned, reactive and light. What Nike does is place a rigid one-piece clip wrapping around the heel area and giving it a little more travel on the inside of the ankle, to give that little stability. The drop is a bit different in men (10.5mm) than in women (10mm). This is due to the heights (thickness) of the midsole, which is 28mm at the heel and 17.5mm in their case and 26 / 16mm in theirs.

At the bottom, in the sole, the midsole is visible because the rubber to be gripped to the ground is transparent. There are areas where there is not even, so that the shoe is light, leaving only the main areas protected such as the heels, metatarsals and toe. On the top, a lightweight, flexible and breathable Flyknit fabric mesh is much more reinforced in the middle area compared to the first edition of this Odyssey.

The official price of Nike Odyssey React Flyknit 2 is € 130. See offers,

2) Nike Running Shoes: COMPETITION

The shoes of this silo are characterized above all by being very reactive and light. They are at least more or much more than those commonly used. They are also ideal for training sessions or races in which faster sensations or rhythms are sought. Some are classic sneakers that have evolved up to this point, but the normal thing is that they are models of new creation and with a very short life cycle (in the market). We see another selection of models of this silo.


Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% is the grilling brown beast. Not only from Nike, but from all in general, for the commotion it raises, for the marks made by professional athletes who wear it and for the implantation in non-professional runners as it is possible to see in any race of more or less entity of the calendar .

This is based on a breakthrough design, very high quality materials with great features, and a (for some controversial) carbon fiber plate inserted in the midsole. All this results in high performance, as its name suggests (the percentage refers directly to the gain). The midsole material is ZoomX, Nike's most advanced to date, with high cushioning, responsiveness and responsiveness (ability to be instantly ready for new compression).

On the top it uses VaporWave technology which is the sum of an engineering mesh made of Woven fabric, which is light and breathable. In addition, making it transparent gives it an even lighter touch. The laces are passed through eyelets separated from each other, to give support but some adaptability, something that has been taken care of, such as the extra space in the area of ​​the fingers. The sole is quite peculiar since a good part of it is the midsole material itself, to reduce weight. Only wear-resistant rubber is placed on both sides of the heel and throughout the area under the metatarsals and toes, where grooves are going to promote flexibility.

The official price of Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% is € 275,


The greatest value of Nike Zoom Fly 3 is maintaining performance in the wake of any of the Vaporfly saga, but at a much lower price. And with greater comfort of use, which makes it a very good alternative for those who want a shoe to compete without reaching the prices of the Vaporfly. The weight, despite the large volume, is 274gr in men and 227gr in women.

And there is not so much distance with Vaporfly, since in this third installment of Zoom Fly, it includes as in that one, a carbon fiber plate. It does so embedded in one of the highest midsoles of the grill: 34mm in the heel and 23mm in the goal area, for a drop of 11mm in the male model and 31.5mm by 22mm, with a drop of 9.5mm, in the feminine. Incidentally, the material itself is different, since here it is React.

The sole also “copies” Vaporfly in the sense that the midsole material is part of the sole in those areas where there is less wear and tear when running. For the sides of the heel and the entire forefoot, Zoom Fly 3 does use an abrasion resistant rubber, although that of the forefoot is softer for greater adherence. Above is where there are more changes compared to the previous version, going from Flyknit to WaporWave ... yes, like Vaporfly. The outer layer of the mesh is transparent, purely for aesthetic reasons (it transmits lightness) and is very flexible and adaptable. What it does not have are just reinforcements. Of course, the laces are passed through straps that go down until they are inserted into the midsole, and that distribute the tension of the lacing on both sides.

The official price of Nike Zoom Fly 3 is € 160.


Nike Pegasus Turbo 2 is, as we named it the day we saw it in its first edition: the "nervous" sister of Air Zoom Pegasus. And it is that this Turbo is a mixed shoe, but with the capacity to use it in various training sessions. And of course people use it to go to the races also thanks to incredible weights of 231gr for men and 159gr for women.

Not only is the weight extraordinary. Also the midsole since it is built with ZoomX, at the level of a Vaporfly, nothing more and nothing less. This is a very light material with high damping and rebound properties. According to Nike, ZoomX is capable of returning 85% of energy released by hitting the ground when running. The drop is 8mm due to the 24mm of the heel and the 16mm of the forefoot.

On the top, a highly breathable mesh is used, built in one piece and very clean in terms of reinforcements, which gives it a very fine look. On the sole we find that it is all filled with a pentagon-shaped lining that will facilitate traction in all directions.

The official price of Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 is € 180. See offers-

3) Nike Running Shoes: TRAIL RUNNING

The models of the Trail Running silo are those designed and optimized for mountain running in all its aspects. At least all those that take us off paved and comfortable roads to venture from the simplest forest tracks or trails, to launch ourselves to explore new routes, whether they are marked as a path, or not.

It will depend on the style and perspectives of each one @ where to go and what competitions to sign up if necessary. But aspects such as correct traction and durability of the sole are essential. As well as an upper that protects and supports much more than its asphalt companions. Cushioning is important, although it may seem like a lie, the mountain is more grateful in that sense, thanks precisely to the irregularities of the terrain, which our body supports better than the constant hammering of the asphalt.


Nike Wildhorse 6 is the confirmation of a model that gave fresh air to those of Oregon with an agile and cheerful design, away from the "tanqueta" style of some trail models. Wildhorse lives up to its name thanks to a configuration that makes it very agile and a good companion in training and competitions, especially short ones or where you want to squeeze them to the fullest. Of course, in this sixth version Nike has removed "Air Zoom" from the name, despite continuing to incorporate an air chamber of this type ...

The most striking part of Wildhorse is in the sole, with an impressive lining that will allow traction on all types of surface and grip with desire, especially if you are looking for constant reaction. In this sixth installment, it is even more striking since the studs go up around the entire ankle as part of the Heel Counter and protect it. This part is finished with a practical handle. Following the upper, both sides are highly reinforced, but with little thickness of material and the finger area is left as more open and ventilated. The toe is also reinforced to protect them. The structure is loot, now having a slightly higher shaft, allowing fewer particles to enter that jump out of the way.

The midsole is built with Nike's own React compound, which provides soft cushioning, but with high rebound capacity. The drop is 8mm based on heights of 22.5mm in the heel area and 14.5 in the metatarsal area. The weight reaches 323gr in the men's finish and 255gr in the women's.

The official price of Nike Wildhorse 6 is € 120, See offers.


Nike Zoom Terra Kiger 6 is a continuist version of something that works for Nike. We will have to wait to see if there are any major changes in the next edition, because at the moment the “new” Terra Kiger 6 already shows that it repeats both the sole and midsole. But be careful! It is not negative because that pair is one of its strengths, perhaps the most important.

Sitcky Rubber is used in the sole, which is a resistant and highly adherent rubber, both dry and wet. In fact, there are two different densities: OG / RS 004 in the center of the sole and OG / RS 003, with even more grip than that, in the goal area. The design of the cleats is very aggressive and for the heel area they are upside down, in countergrip, to help on the descents.

Above, a highly ventilated mesh is used on the sides and in the finger area. It has reinforcements on the heel and on both sides and a very prominent protection for the toe, very useful to protect the fingers from small impacts. Incorporate an eyelet at the base of the fingers and then four more as straps, leaving a sixth for those who want to reinforce the tightening. At the heel, a practical strap will help put the shoe on with speed.

The midsole is constructed of React material, cushioned and reactive. In addition, an air chamber is housed inside to help both cushioning and reactivity. The drop is 4mm thanks to heights of 14.5mm at the heel and 10.5mm at the forefoot. The weights are 289gr in the men's finish and 241gr in the women's.

The official price of Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger is € 130


Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail is the return to the mountains of one of the most iconic shoes in running history. And what does that translate into? Well, in a softly cushioned shoe, with an upper that takes care of comfort and focuses on trail running to get the best performance in the forest and in the mountains. The midsole is made of Cushlon material and uses two air chambers (heel and forefoot). The drop is 10mm in men (23.5 / 13.5) and 9.6mm in women (27 / 17.5).

Pegasus 36 Trail is a shoe suitable for those who want to assault roads without too much technical complication, or excessively difficult places, and where the upper can pass without having to scrub against external elements. Smoothness and lightness are sometimes at odds with shields, so a higher level of protection in the upper is perhaps what this Pegasus 36 Trail lacks for harsher environments.

It does not use a radical sole, so in mixed terrains, or if we have to resort to invading the asphalt, either to enter or exit the mountain or changing territory, it will not be inconvenient.

In exchange for all this, Pegasus 36 Trail is a shoe that for easy terrain or very corridable trails (if I may say so) is going to be a good ally. This is more evident if the percentage of track on the route or race is high, thanks to its own configuration and a weight below 300gr. being this one of 291gr in the finish for men and 232gr in the one of women.

The official price of Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail is € 130.

4) Nike Running Shoes: SHORT RACES (Walking / Running) + GYM

This is a category sui generis Nike, since what it comes to say in this silo is that these shoes have cushioning, yes, but neither to cover all the kilometers of the world. That the support is good, but that they are not to squeeze them to the maximum that one can. And that the sole focuses more on good grip than off-road durability. Comfort and aesthetics are also quite high values ​​in these models.

Here we add some Training model (for the gym and, eventually, running) since they would also fit that profile, especially for those who combine something to run with some gym.


Nike Free RN Flyknit 3.0 belongs to the Free family, a point and aside in terms of natural Running since at the time it offered new things such as minimum midsole thickness, absolute flexibility and lightness and a natural feeling of movement never seen before in the American brand.

In this Free RN Flyknit 3.0 we find a midsole that is, at the same time, sole and that is totally laser-threaded for maximum flexibility. It is built with a cushioned foam and adapted to the shape of the foot. It has little thickness to be well close to the ground (17mm at the heel and 13mm at the forefoot for a 4mm drop).

The upper is simple to look at, but the mesh is Flyknit type, with a lot of breathability and flexibility. The adjustment is made by combining the strong Flywire threads with others made of TPU. And if there is something that can dislodge in this shoe is that it has no laces. The foot is inserted thanks to the fact that when passing it, the material gives a little on the instep and that the heel acts as a handle. Once your foot is in, the mesh fits over it. All in all, the total weight of the set is minimal, being 217gr for men and 172gr for women.

The official price of Nike Free RN Flyknit 3.0 is € 130.


The Nike Superrep GO has a forceful look thanks to the midsole design, making it clear that cushioning is an important value in this model. That is why cushioning seeks to provide comfort with a soft and flexible material. The cushioning will therefore have relevance, not only in comfort, but also in performance in support-based routines.

The mesh is structured and, as in many training models, it is much more open in the toe area and sturdy in the midfoot. The semicircular reinforcement at the base of the metatarsals stands out, which will be very useful in exercises or routines where lateral movements prevail. The outsole features a horseshoe-shaped heel that works well for all types of tread and a circular forefoot tread design to aid in movements where turning is required and the foot is easily tilted.

The official price of Nike Superrep GO is € 100.


Nike Metcon 5 in its few editions has become a benchmark within the world, especially since they serve to squeeze them in all kinds of disciplines, such as HIIT. Along the way, they have been adding improvements that make it compatible with all of them, such as the fact that in this fifth edition it has been optimized to also be used in weight lifting. For this, in the box comes a rise of 8mm in height that an @ can put on or take off depending on the discipline that is being carried out at all times.

The herringbone pattern of the sole will allow traction in all directions, especially if changes of direction are required. On both sides of the shoe, the midsole material rises helping to stabilize. At the top the mesh is very open, with a very clean and breathable design.

The official price of Nike Metcon 5 is € 130. See offers.

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