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No Games and no president

The Russian athletes have it tricky with the current panorama

The president of the Russian Athletics Federation (FRA), Yevgueni Yúrchenko, announced his resignation on Monday, a decision expected after the organization was unable to pay the fine imposed by 'World Atletics' (WA) on July 1 and was strongly criticized by that entity and by Russian athletes.

"Today I announce my resignation as President of the FRA and therefore the process for the reelection of key administrative personnel is launched ”of the Federation, he said, quoted by the press service of the sports institution.

Five months in office

Yúrchenko, who has held this position since February 2020, thanked all those "who are not indifferent to the fate of Russian athletics" and with whom he had to work during "this short, but very complex time."

"I hope that the new president-elect of the FRA can make progress in solving these difficulties that we suffered for almost five years in relations with World Athletics and guarantee sufficient funding to develop the Federation, "he said.

In Last March World Athletics announced that Russia could send 10 neutral athletes to the Olympic, World and European Games on the condition that the FRA pay a $ 5 million fine. and 1.3 million in costs before July 1 of this year.

They refused to pay

The FRA refused to pay in the absence of funds, although it only admitted it when a few weeks were left before the end of the term. The British Sebastian Coe, president of WA, expressed his disappointment with Russia's non-payment of the fine in collusion with doping and claimed that the FRA failed its athletes.

The highest body of world athletics must decide at the end of July the possible exclusion of Russian athletes from any type of competition and in any status. The athlete María Lasitskene, like other Russian athletes, held Yúrchenko responsible for the possible loss of his right to participate in competitions international.

In this regard, he regretted that the president of the FRA first rejoiced in the granting of neutral status to ten Russian athletes and three weeks before the payment of the fine reached the conclusion that the decision of World Athletics was " illegal". “With his acts he betrayed clean athletes. I am not sure that our sport can get out of this situation with a person like that at the head of the FRA, "she said.

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