News : Nobody manages to finish the toughest race in the world

News : Nobody manages to finish the toughest race in the world

An image of the very tough The Barkley Marathons in the United States / Alexis Berg

It is considered one of the toughest races on the face of the earth. For the third time in a row no runner was able to finish the legendary Barkley Marathons. After what the 2020 edition had to be suspended due to the pandemic, the test, which is held in the Frozen Head State Park, in Tennessee, returned after two years.

The runners had to finish the four laps of the course and do it in the time stipulated in each one of them. In this way, 16 participants managed to enter the maximum time at the end of the first round, but only two (three-time finalists Jared Campbell and Luke Nelson) made it into the second. There were only two runners left with options to reach the challenge.

Only two runners ‘alive’ at the end of the second lap

Maggie Guterl, Liz Canty and Courtney Dauwalter were the only three participating women looking to become the first to finish this Barkley Marathons. For 12 minutes they just couldn’t get past the second cut. Campbell and Nelson stopped the clock at 10:21:18 and 10:21:19 respectively in the first lap, while in the second they also came together making a record of 24:32:34. They hoped to go better with sunlight (the race starts at night), but the truth is that
they completed the third lap out of time (They arrived with 34: 04.09).

Since John Kelly did it in 2017 there has not been a ‘finisher’ of this Barkley Marathons. It should be noted that the test was carried out
carried out in harsh conditions, with lots of rain and heavy fog. Only 15 riders throughout history have managed to finish it since it began in 1986.

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