News : Obesity, the greatest risk factor for coronavirus

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Obesity, the greatest risk factor for coronavirus

Obesity and junk food, a 'bomb' for the body

Despite the fact that we do not stop seeing daily and almost unhealthily people hanging out on social networks in their home confinement exercises, the truth is that this situation of confinement is generating a worrying sedentary lifestyle in a large sector of the population, over all in the oldest. And this does not precisely help combat obesity increasingly implanted in the western world with the United States at the head with a considerable advantage. "Being overweight is a significant risk for people infected with the new coronavirus, and the United States is particularly vulnerable due to the high levels of obesity that are there ”, commented the chief of epidemiologists in France, Professor Jean-François Delfraissy.


Delfraissy heads the scientific council that advises the government on the epidemic. He reiterated that around 17 of the 67 million inhabitants of the Gallic country have a serious risk of contracting the virus due to age factors, pathologies or the aforementioned obesity. “This virus is terrible and the obese are especially exposed, even the youngest. Overweight people should be very careful, "added the professor. "We are concerned about the United States because there it can yield devastating figures if you don't take much caution. " Delfraissy added that most of those infected have suffered only severe symptoms similar to those of a conventional flu.


The data in France is serious. The death rate among young people with previous respiratory problems is 2%, but that figure rises to 14 for the most fragile, among which are the obese. The havoc in the European country is very important, but even so, it is far from reaching that 50-60% of infected and recovered population that would give a certain level of "collective immunity", as the head of French epidemiology comments. The block in the neighboring country began on March 15 and the minimum will last until April 15. The 10,000 deaths have already been exceeded.

Obesity has been cited as a possible explanation for above-average COVID-19 mortality rates per capita in the US city of New Orleans and in Mexico. Without a doubt, another reason to try as much as possible not to miss these days and maintain daily physical activity and a controlled diet.

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